Turning Our Backs on Them Isn’t the Christian Message…

    Study the Word of God—what are some of the general themes?




    Those are just a few. Frankly, there are too many to pinpoint just one. But the core message is love. God is love. Jesus is love. Why? Because loving people is hard, but it’s paramount. Jesus didn’t come to this earth and save us all to love a select few. He came to love ALL.

    As you all know (because everyone in America is talking about it), there is a ton of conversation about allowing refugees from war-torn Syria into America. Since more news has come out about the horrendous Paris attacks, we’ve learned that one of the terrorists may have come into Paris as a Syrian refugee, thus sparking a rising concern among many circles concerning those refugees coming to the U.S.

    Are they safe or is ISIS a part of them? That is the gist of the current situation.

    Many people from Christian circles are leading the charge in NOT allowing these refugees into our nation. They are saying “house the homeless first.” By all means, we must house the homeless. But those people who are spouting this narrative, are they housing the homeless? Probably not. It’s been said that if every church in America gave any care to the homeless situation, we would solve homelessness, period.

    Right now, thousands upon thousands of women, children and men are in camps in not-so-great situations. They are homeless, country-less and scared, and not sure what’s next.

    The majority of these refugees are Muslim.

    I understand we’re scared in this country right now, and it’s completely normal to feel that way. A Western nation was just attacked by a radical Islam group. So the thought of letting Muslims into this country is disheartening.

    Look, I’m not getting into the Muslim vs. Christian debate.

    What I want to talk about is loving people and being an American, a REAL American.

    I want you to open your Bible to Luke 10:25-37 for a minute.

    Stop reading this and go read that.

    I’ll wait….

    Done? Okay, do you see where I’m going here? Was this good Samaritan concerned about this man’s background? Was he concerned about what he could do for him? No, he felt compassion for this individual and loved him for being human.

    That, my friends, is what the heart of Christianity is about. Loving people simply because they too were made in the image of God, regardless of their religion or their country affiliation.

    “But Dave, ISIS might be among these refugees!”

    Okay, I know this is a popular sentiment going around. I don’t want to concern you, but if ISIS wanted to come to America, they could do it without coming in as refugees.

    All these Syrian refugees have known is darkness. Many of these children have only ever understood violence. They have no clue what’s happening in America as we prepare for the new Hunger Games. We watch violence on film; they live through it daily.

    On our currency, it states “In God We Trust.” If we are allowing the narrative of fear to prevent us from helping these people, are we not acting counter that message? Shouldn’t it then say “In God We Trust Only When It’s Convenient to Us”?

    It’s the week before Thanksgiving, a time when we come together and give thanks for the abundant blessings from God above. How amazing would it be to celebrate this Thanksgiving with someone who has never experienced anything of the sort?

    We’re not in the world of converting—we’re in the world of sharing the Gospel message of love. Let God worry about that other part.

    I know this is an unpopular decision, but every Christian church in America should open their doors to help our fellow man, woman and child.

    Take the politics out of it and focus on being a human being.


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    Dave Herrmann
    My name is Dave, you may see me writing funny articles on PI or managing the social media accounts. My life is putting Christ first and everything else second. Life is beautiful when we smile and choose a positive attitude. God is good!


    1. I agree we do need to be the hands and feet of Jesus to these people. However, letting them in to our country is not the best thing to do. By bringing them here we will be putting the lives of so many in danger, it simply would not be worth it. We need to come to their aid by providing medical care, food, hygiene items, clothing and shelter. More than that we need to work to make Syria a safe place for them to live.

    2. This is the most liberal post ever. Yes, we need to help people. NO, we do not need to let Syrian refugees into the U.S.
      Two in every 100 Syrian “refugees” are ISIS members. One disguised “refugee” from Syria was part of the horrible attack on Paris.
      The best way to help the refugees is to send them money. Each person brought to the U.S. costs the country 65,000 dollars, whereas that same amount can be used to help 11 of them overseas.

      Finally, I think it is the responsibility for the surrounding muslim countries to take in those of their own beliefs. Christian refugees can apply for special relief, but any others should not be allowed to come to U.S. at all.

      • All the money that the government would use for the Syrian refugees should be used to directly helped U.S. veterans. The veterans RISKED THEIR LIVES for America, and the funds would be better appropriated than when spent to potentially risk the lives of Americans. This is not a decision of fear, but one of rationality.

    3. If I gave you a bowl of 100 M&Ms and told you that 10 of them were poisoned would you eat it? Of course not! “Oh but the majority of them are good and harmless!” I’d say. It still wouldn’t matter because even if their was just one bad M&M, it would still pose too great of a threat to you & your safety.
      I think that the number one responsibility of the government is to keep her people safe at all costs. The current plan and security isn’t achieving that goal.
      To your point, ISIS could get in other ways if they wanted to and I think that they are actually already here. But in France, although he wasn’t Syrian, one of the terrorists was posed as a refugee. If all of our intelligence is saying that this poses a great threat, then I think we need to listen.
      Do we need to help those who genuinely need it? Of course. Although I think that putting ourselves and our country in an even more dangerous position than we already are is not the right way to go about it.

    4. When Jewish refugees came to America to escape the imminent Holocaust, we turned them away. How many people could America have saved during this time? How many people died because we rejected them?

      Why do we bother recording history if no one actually learns from it?

      These are humans, not M&Ms. Each one is of equal value to you and me. These are lives, these are souls, and God has great plans for them that far exceed anything we can imagine.

      People are dying needlessly, and if there is anything we can do to stop it, we absolutely should. Despite the attack in France, they are still accepting a large number of refugees. They learned to forgive. They learned that humanitarianism is so much more beneficial than fear.

      By turning these people away, we are doing what ISIS would want. ISIS wants us to fear the very people they target. Syria isn’t safe for them to return, and we’d put our own people in a lot more danger if we went to war.

      Again, these are people. How much value are our lives if we aren’t willing to make a small risk that could save them? The threat is small, and it’s worth helping as many people as we are able. We are called to love. We are called to protect. In John 15:13, it is said that there is no greater gift than laying down one’s life for another. Where in the Bible does it say that we should turn away people who need our help? Nowhere. Nowhere at all.

      • Most of the immigrants are muslim. There are extremely wealthy muslim countries who oppose ISIS and reside right next to Syria (Saudi Arabia and UAE).
        There is a massive difference between accepting Jews (fleeing Nazis) and muslims (fleeing muslims).

    5. It is not Christian to endanger the people of America. Yes, the situation they are in is absolutely horrible. But, what about the refugees who are already in America? The ones who came to get away from terrorists and poverty? If we let refugees come to America we will be greatly affected and something like 9/11 might happen again. That will not help anyone. We should pray and let God take care of this, there are also other countries that are closer to Syria that they could go. Lets not forget what a terrorist tweeted the other day, “American blood shed is best, you are next.” It is best to protect our people for now. It would not be the Christian thing to let them in and watch hundreds to thousands of our people die

    6. It isn’t right to turn these refugees away but,if we let them in,we will be risking the safety of our people.Hmmm………before we make a decision,we should pray for guidance.We shouldn’t mindlessly make a decision based on the pros or cons.God knows whats best,we don’t!!!

    7. Yes, I agree we need to show them the love of Christ, but not allowing them into our country isn’t not showing love. We don’t hate the Syrians…we don’t hate the refugees but loving someone does not mean trusting them! Do we (Christians) hate the thieves and murderers outside our doors? No! But we don’t leave our doors unlocked at night so that they can come and go as the please and do what they want with our families!
      I believe that we should not allow them to enter but help them where they are! Help provide shelter and protection whilst protecting our nation and people as well!
      We can show grace, mercy, love and forgiveness without risking the lives of our people!

    8. If I someday am forced to become a refugee, I hope another country would show me and my family enough compassion to give us a peaceful life. Anyone could become a refugee; it’s not a choice, it’s something that happens to you.

      I am fortunate enough live in an area heavily populated by Syrian refugees. Yes, fortunate. I am fortunate because my Syrian people neighbors have taught me how to have hope in whatever situation, and to forgive the unforgivable. I have learned to look past ethnic and religious barriers and see that, behind all of that, we are all people.

      This article is spot-on! 😉

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