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    Two Teenage Girls Tragically Hung Themselves in Suicide Pact Due to Bullying

    This makes me so sad. I’m at a loss for words at this great tragedy. It’s hard to believe two best friends who were bullied made a pact to kill themselves and actually went through with it.

    A slumber party in Minnesota ended in tragedy when two eighth grade girls fulfilled a suicide pact, killing themselves and leaving behind suicide notes telling their families that they loved them.

    The bodies of best friends Haylee Fentress and Paige Moravetz, both 14, were discovered Saturday by Fentress’ mother, Tracy Morrison.

    Haylee’s aunt, Robin Settle, said the girl had recently moved to the rural town of Lynd, Minn., and had complained to her family that she felt bullied on Facebook and at school. Settle also said there are indications that the girls had planned their deaths for a long time, even including funeral details in a good-bye note.

    She was made fun of for being overweight, her red hair,” Settle said. “She posted on my [Facebook] wall that she really wanted to come back…that the people were mean and cruel and she didn’t fit in.”

    Even though Haylee wasn’t severely overweight, she was so uncomfortable about her size that she rarely ate in public at school, Settle said.

    Paige was Haylee’s closest friend.

    “They were best friends. Haylee started school here about a year ago and over the course of the year, they’d become best friends,” said Brett Behnke, Paige’s uncle.

    Paige played hockey and was teaching Haylee to skate, Behnke said.

    “She had a big, round face and a smile that’s intoxicating, just a charmer,” Behnke said of his niece.

    The two girls were so close, Haylee had hyphenated her last name on Facebook to include Paige’s last name.

    Before they hung themselves they left behind behind suicide notes:

    The girls died three days after Paige’s mother and stepdad left for a 10-day vacation to Hawaii. Paige spent the night at Haylee’s home.

    “Her and Paige got really close. I think they’ve had this plan for some time,” Settle said.

    Sometime after 1 a.m. on Saturday, Haylee left a Facebook post for her cousin, Jessica, wishing her a happy birthday. After leaving a post on her cousin’s wall, Haylee called her closest friend in Indiana, Settle said. Around 6 a.m., Haylee’s mother found the girls.

    “They did hang themselves. My sister found them. She’s a medical assistant. She attempted to resuscitate them,” Settle said.

    Those efforts to resuscitate the girls failed.

    The girls also left behind letters.

    “She just didn’t want anybody to be sad for her. She wanted everybody to pray for her and that’s the gist of it,” Behnke said of Paige’s note.

    Haylee’s letter was to her mother and detailed plans for her funeral, Settle said.

    “She requested everything pink and princess and butterflies,” Settle said.

    Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Although it may seem impossible to get through the hard times while you’re going through it- girls need to know that it will get better, and that other girls are feeling the same way.

    Please, if you’re feeling like this too, reach out to a parent, a school doctor or a psychiatrist to get proper help and attention. Your life is at stake and you can’t afford to lose that.

    I pray for all the boys and girls who are getting bullied right now on the internet, through facebook, at school, whatever. Those people are insecure, mean, jealous and they’re trying to hurt you. If you need any help concerning this issue you’re going through, please let me know and I will offer my support and try to help you. God Bless. Xoxo

    Source: ABC News

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