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United Pursuit’s West Coast Tour and New Album “Monthly EP”


I have recently become a United Pursuit fan and have discovered their worship music. They are a collective of musicians and worship leaders who play on a stage encircled by their listeners, which gives the audience a very up-close-and-personal experience. I recently went to two of their different live concerts in Southern California and was so blown away by how the spirit of God moves in the communal setting they provide. Normally during concerts, you face a stage and all attention is on the front and center and/or the band. With United Pursuit, they create an atmosphere where you can witness other people in the audience worshipping and can connect to other people aside from the worship leaders.



United Pursuit has a collection of amazing live acoustic albums that are full of different variations of sounds, instruments and touching melodies. They started off with their November 2011 release, Color of Red, then Here Begin in 2012, Endless Years in December 2012, Live at the Banks House in 2013, The Wild Inside in 2014, Simple Gospel in 2015, Looking for a Savior in 2016, and Simple Gospel B-Sides in December 2016. This year they’ve had two releases: Tell All My Friends in January and Monthly EP in May.



Check out some of their fall tour dates if you missed their summer tour: 

  • September 19: Red Rocks Amphitheater, Morrison, Colo. – Worship on the Rocks with Jesus Culture, Josh Garrels
  • October 5–9: Reunion 2017, Bon Aqua, Tenn. – United Pursuit’s weekend experience of worship, community and encouragement


One of the churches I went to for worship with United Pursuit was Influence Church in Anaheim Hills, Calif., with pastors Phil and Tammy Hotsenpiller.

Check out some of the photos below with the band after the live worship performance.



[Image: PI writer Christi with the band United Pursuit at Influence Church in Anaheim Hills, Calif.]


Here is one of the United Pursuit songs that is popular, called “Head to the Heart.”



PI Girls, have you heard of United Pursuit? Comment below if you have a favorite song or album from them! 


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