Video: A Moving Testimony From a Suicidal Girl Who Found God!

    Here on Project Inspired, we’ve had the opportunity to discuss many topics relating to hardship and misfortune. And I know, based on the comments we’ve received, that adversity has been a part of many lives.

    We’ve all experienced some form of pain, whether it’s been through loss, abuse or injustice. Whatever the story may be, it’s usually how we cope that makes all the difference. And more often than not, opening our hearts up to God and letting Him help is the best way to find peace.

    There are many painful stories shared online. But I was touched when I saw the following video of a young teen named Cassie. She tells her personal story of loss and depression, anorexia and cutting. With flash cards, she shares the secret of what saved her.

    I know what I am.
    I know what I’m not.
    But I’m here for a reason.
    And so are YOU.
    YOU are important!
    YOU are beautiful.
    YOU are loved!
    And God demonstrates His love!
    Like this:
    While we were STILL sinners…
    He DIED for us!

    Adversity can make or break you. In this one clip, we see how one person was lost and how another chose to be saved. Because God is so much bigger than all of it. If you can cling to Him, you can get through anything.

    I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me (Philippians 4:13).

    Cassie is right. God loved us so much, He died for us. What an amazing gesture. No one will ever love us to that extent. No one can.

    Cassie held onto the strength of God and she let Him pull her out of the pit of depression. What an amazing story. What an amazing girl. Her heart was broken, but not only did she have the courage to overcome her pain, she also chose to use the experience to bring herself closer to God. And she’s trying to help others.

    PI girls, I know there are some of you who are going through a lot of heartache. And I know it seems like there is no end to the darkness. But I’m praying that you see God’s light and that you call out to Him. He has a plan for you. He will guide you. Because God is bigger than all of it. So let Him in. He can’t help you unless you do.

    Do you have a story to share about being lost and looking to God for help?

    T.M. Gaouette
    T.M. Gaouette is a freelance writer, ghostwriter, blogger and fiction novelist. She was born in Africa, brought up in London and is now living in New England with her husband and four children. Devoted to Him, Gaouette is dedicated to glorifying God through her stories for teens and young adults. T.M. Gaouette is the author of "The Destiny of Sunshine Ranch" and "Freeing Tanner Rose," Christian novels for teens and young adults. She's currently working on completing her upcoming novel -visit for more on her Christian fiction work. Connect with her on and .


    1. i watch this,and immeditly it tugs at my heart. i have my own secrets,and my own past. i remember when i was five years old i was lonely. i had my family,but i had no friend. but i didn’t say anything about it. i had no way to express myself. my only friends were my stuffed animals and my Beanie Babies. if i lost one i’d be in a panic until i found it. my favorite toy was my teddy bear,Mr.Bear,that i’ve had longer then i can remember. i still have him. then i was 6,i had started going to church. i was nervous because it was my first time,and i was worried no one would like me. but i made friends,but i was really selfconious because my friends were skinnier and taller then me,again i told no one. i guess when i was eight i had my first experiance of self harm,i had fallen off my bike and i had a scab on my knee,so i picked at it,it hurt at first,but the next time i had picked at it,it didn’t hurt much,then the next time,it didn’t hurt. then i moved. a new house,a new neighborhood,and no friends. i was lonely. i had met my best friend,Kiera about a week later. when i was nine to now,i’m 14 now,i was bullied. i was the kid who would sit at the playground all alone because my “friends” went somewhere and i didn’t go. i was eleven or twelve when i had first cut. my friend Nolan was the first to know. my heart had been broken,cause my ex-boyfriend dumped me for his friends. and every day i would have to put up with the face that once loved me,tormenting me until i was in tears. yeah,i was depressed. i had lost God in my anger and frustration. my friend Nolan is no longer a Christian,he’s a Hindu. i’m sad about it. but he remains one of my best friends. half my friends have graduated this year,which i’m happy about,but also sad. but this video made me smile,i’m glad i saw it,not sure if it will help me in any way,but it gives me hope 🙂

      • There’s always hope! There are things God has completely pulled me through. At the time I didn’t feel like He was helping me, but one day I realized He’d been holding onto me the whole time.

      • If you put Christ first, then it’s so much easier to deal with things. It’s like having your best friend by your side. He is your strength and support and His love is so amazing. No one can love you as much as God. How blessed we are.

      • Sister *ya know, in God*, these struggles are going to make you stronger. Keep your faith. God IS faithful and He’ll pull you through any trial, any struggle, any evil that you find yourself entrapped in thanks to our savior. Somehow these difficult times might just turn out to be a huge gift. You said you lost God in your anger and frustration.. have you found Him again? Just remember, even if you don’t believe it or it doesn’t FEEL like it, HE IS ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU NO MATTER WHAT.. even if you don’t believe or have doubts (big doubts!) HE IS THERE.

        Love you <3

    2. Great article! God works his wonders in amazing ways. I actually saw this video a few days ago (via GodVine, which is also a really great Christian inspirational/motivational website), and it had me crying. In a good way. 🙂

    3. One of my best friends was on the verge of killing herself. I didn’t even know her then but now I realize how seriously different I would be if she wasn’t here with me today. She tried twice. I don’t know the whole story. She says she doesn’t want to pull me down. But I’ve learned so much from her that I don’t think I would even realize how real suicide and cutting are if it weren’t for her.

    4. I was moved to the point of weeping. *You have no idea how much I needed this!!!!* Thank you so much for this. Thank you so much. I’ve been depressed. I’ve even considered suicide. I felt so unloved, although I have everything to live with. I’ve been a Christian all my life, ever since I can remember. But I let myself slip away. I know I have too much. Much more than lots of people could ever ask for. And I’m trying. But I was trying without Him. I can’t understand why I would let myself do that. I still crying as I write this. I thank you again. And I thank Cassie, for showing me where I went wrong. I love you all, you do amazing things for the world. We need more people like you. Thank you. :’)

    5. Love this video 🙂 I’m so glad Cassie found God! I wish i could talk to her, comfort her, congratulate her. I pray every night that girls in her situation can be saved and realize how much they really matter. I’ve never been depressed or anything like that because God has always been there for me, but i do have a very good friend who has had a hard life and sometimes i will see the scars of cutting on her arms 🙁 It breaks my heart. She does know God, but I’m not sure if she knows how much He loves her. Please pray for her and her walk with God, and that she will not cut herself again. God Bless:)

    6. This video brought me to tears. It reminded me of myself. Although I’ve never cut or been anorexic, during the past few months, I encountered a stint of depression. You never know how hard it is to get out of that hole until you’re the one who’s trapped. I felt ugly, fat, worthless and not needed by anyone. I felt like God had abandoned me. This is unusual for me. I’m usually very happy. But during this time, I lost myself in depression. I swore I’d never go there, but I did. I just want to tell everyone here on Project Inspired that my view of myself had become warped and unhealthy. I’m now in a bible study group with my youth group at church. I’m slowly recovering and learning to love myself the way God made me. Depression is a scary, dark place where the devil drives us to. He bombards us with lies and self loathing thoughts and actions. If you ever start to feel depressed, call out in the name of Jesus and order the devil to leave because he is not welcome in the heart of any child of God! He will never stop until he gets another person to take their life so he can drive more away from the Father. Just call out in the name of Jesus for the devil to leave and he will flee from you!

      • Until you said that, I never realized that yes, depression is what the devil drives you too. It’s so true, and it’s inspiration to never let myself become the way Cassie did.

    7. I just started reading the book “by the time you read this, I’ll be dead”. Seeing this gave me hope that there can be another side to those stories. That some people are blessed with a second chance.

    8. Wow, That’s just amazing. It’s so amazing how God can just come into people’s life’s and change them right there. I remember not having any friends a few months back, and how I got really jealous of my older sister who did. But God let me know that he loves me…And He gave me friends. Instantly I remembered how Jesus died for us, and he saved us. I was so touched by this video. Just knowing that God has worked in other’s people life’s is amazing. God Bless you

    9. Um actually I know plenty of people who do love me that much. There are perfect strangers who have served in the military who died for all of our freedoms. Those are people I can actually see and have known. So…yeah. You can’t so no one will ever love to that extent. That’s just an example.

    10. There’s this apple app called Instagram and a lot of girls make anonymous profiles about their struggles. Mostly anorexic and/or bulimic girls who self harm. Sometimes I will follow them in case I get an opportunity to minister to them. There was this once profile that I felt especially moved on about. She seemed hopeless. But, God gave me an opportunity. I gave her advice and started her healing process. We have never met in real life, but now she is healed and going to church! I feel so privileged to be a part of her story! God is amazing in his love for us! 🙂

    11. I wanted to thank you for doing this. One year ago this month my closest friend attempted suicide. It was an awful thing to go through. Thank you for finding a reason, thank you for giving yourself a second chance. I was blessed and my closest friend wasn’t taken from me. Thank you for making your story known. It means a lot to people who have gone through similar situations 🙂

    12. Watching this video brang me to an overflow of tears of joy and sadness. I could go on for hours days and months with the stories and the burdens my best friend which i call my sister has gone through i dont know what her life would be without me and vise a versa we first became friends in 7th grade nd she had thes horrible step mother who would seriously get joy out of my friend and her sisters pain. There father was fightin the war in iraq and the stepmother had temporary custody of them she had gotten really angry one day as she threatened to hit my bestfriends little sister because she had heard her stepmother talkin to there father and proceeded to lie and say they were at a friends house meanwhile she would tell my friends that he hadnt called and the younger of the two caught her in her web of lies as she was about to swing and my best friends little sister. My friend step in to protect her and said if she were to hit her they wuld both leave the house and never come back she thought my sister was joking and as she swung she missed and my friend nd her sister headed for the door as she opened the door her stepmother slapped it with her fingers jammed in between the door and the frame and had broken her first finger and her middle finger in three places. Luckily i did live too far away and they made it too my house after she had gone to the doctors nd stayed with me a few months until her father had come back. Her father never believed her nd til this day they dnt talk shes tried to communicate with him but he doesnt believe her… Theres much more that went on as she tried to take her life on several occasions between these 8 years of being friends but ive prayed for her every step of the way and will always continue to pray for he shes recently had a change of heart and has even considered going back to the church my mother use to drag us to every sunday and wednesday nights… I love her so much and am proud to call her my sister

    13. I know how alot of you feel, I have been through some tough times. I have cut, and thought about committing suicide. The only person in the world that could stop me told me I no longer mattered, atleast not as much as I did. And I will never talk to them again. My brother (well.. sorta) left me on my own. I am no longer part of his life. My mom, she is sick, she is gonna be in the hospital. She cant eat, drink, or sleep. My dad left my mom, and we are going to learn to live without him. But, I think that If I stay with God, and never let my faith run out, I can keep myself unharmed. Im going to do the butterfly challenge to keep me from cutting myself. I think that God really has a hold of me. As long as I dont ever let go.

    14. This video saved my life. I knew about it before it was posted. I’m so happy you guys found this too.
      I’ve had troubles too.
      My sister died when I was eight.
      I get bullied.
      I’ve been overweight.
      I’ve been anorexic.
      (I’m healthy now)
      I don’t cut, but I scratch and bite and pick.
      I have friends, but some have turned on me for some reason I do not even know.
      My Mom has depression.
      I have high anxiety.
      I’ve felt suicidal.
      But, I remember. God is here with me.

    15. When she pulled out the card about God demonstrating His love, the tears started to flow.
      I was only five or six when I thought about taking my own life. My parents would often get into physical and verbal fights in front of my sister and me. I just wanted it all to end, and I thought it would’ve been better if I was never in this world at all.
      I accepted the Lord into my heart when I was eight years old. I was finally truly happy. And then my parents divorced.
      The depression washed over me, and I blamed everyone else for making me so unhappy. I ignored the Lord, and I turned to iniquity to fill the hole in my heart.
      When I entered junior high, everything changed. The sermons I heard at school were now targeting our salavation and our relationship with God. I was even convicted that I had lost my salvation. It was then that I finally listened to God’s voice. He was there all along; He was just waiting for me to take the first step back to Him. And I did. I renewed my salavation. I started reading my Bible; I started talking to God at all times.
      Now, I know I am loved. I have friends that encourage me in my walk with the Lord. Yeah, I stumbled, but God is there to catch me before I fall. I still make mistakes; I’m not perfect. I know what I did, but that’s why it’s called the past. I have moved “past” all of the stuff that I did. God has a future for me, and I know it. I have real Father that cares about and loves me. I’m finally Someone’s princess, and I love every moment of it. <3

    16. Oh my…. This is really, truly inspiring. This little girl had to go through that… I know a boy who’s parents got into a car accident and both of them died. He survived, but felt guilty because he was the one driving. He felt that it was all his fault. Then, getting tossed around from foster home to foster home… I just try to support him the best I can. He got out of the accident with a broken leg, a concussion, and severe depression… I can feel his pain and this girl’s pain when I watched this. The thought of losing my mother is so scary. I just pray that everyone who has those thoughts find God. That they find him everywhere and anywhere. He’s all around. You can’t escape him! He’s in everything beautiful, everything emotional, every little detail of your life-he’s there! (:

    17. Wow! This is a very powerful video! I have been at this point in my life a few times. I have been at the point of taking my life and I have almost succeeded one time. In November of 2011, I got in a fight with my boyfriend and i thought it was over between us. I was so depressed and i didn’t want to live without him. i went to my Mom’s house and took 54 pills. i just wanted to die. I was so depressed and felt hopeless. After i took the pills, I called my Mom and told her what I did. She called the lady downstairs and I called 911. The police came and i don’t remember anything after that until I woke up in the ICU. After that i was there for 3 days and then I was put on the psych ward at the hospital for about 4 days. After i left the hospital everything begin to change. i didn’t want to die anymore, i wanted to live life to the fullest. God showed me that there was more to life then this boy that I tried taking my life for. He was going through a lot of things at the time as well and we just had a fight. God came to me the night i tried killing myself. He came to me and held me in his arms and told me “Everything will be ok. You are not going to die. I am here with you and I have so many plans for you. i am not done with you yet.” He was so right, he wasn’t and still isn’t done with me. I am now very active in my church, helping to run the nursery and I am on the board of my Young Adult Bible Discussion Group. I am growing in my relationship with the Lord. I got back with my boyfriend and things are going well with that. We have been going out for two years now and we are talking about getting married in a year or two. He has worked on his issues and is doing better as well. God is so good! He provides all of our needs and he loves us so very much!
      if you ever are feeling like not being able to continue with your life, please reach out to someone and get the help you need. The most important thing you can do this situation is turn to God and give him all your troubles and he will comfort you through it all. Remember, God loves you!
      May God hold us all in his loving arms forever! God bless you!

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