Want To Get More Organized? Read This!

    Do you ever feel like your room is too cluttered? Are your lipsticks taking over your makeup drawer? Or perhaps just checking your email is overwhelming. If you have a commitment to do just one of these easy tips a day, in no time you’ll be more organized, and feel on top of everything! And once you get these in order, you’ll be able to focus your time on bigger, more important things rather then feeling stressed out by a mess! Here are 15 easy ways to help you get started!


    1. Organize your magazines.

    2. Spend at least 10 minutes a day to tidy up! (This can include doing a load of laundry, hanging up your clothes, making your bed, whatever.)

    3. Organize your email and create lists! I’m a culprit of letting my email get cluttered easily, and I forget to delete emails that are unnecessary. If you use Gmail (it’s great!) you can ‘star’ emails that you want to highlight as important and it’s a wonderful tool to stay on top of them.

    4. Unsubscribe from 5 junk email pieces a day.

    4. Make a daily to-do list that you actually follow! On my desk I have a notepad with an “N” initial for my name, I like it because it’s personalized. At night, create your to-do list for the next day so it keeps you on track. Then check off what you’ve done! You’ll feel great.

    5. Give away clothes you don’t need- If you look in your closet, I’m sure you have a ton of things that you don’t want. My general rule is that if I haven’t worn something in over 4 months, I get rid of it unless it’s timeless pieces like a beautiful handbag or my Christian Louboutin shoes. (I’m a big fan!)

    6. Create a designated file folder where you keep your important documents from school such as copy of your photo ID and License, your social security card, birth certificate, etc.

    7. Clean out your makeup and throw out anything that’s over a year old. I also throw out mascaras that are over 3 months old.

    8.  Have only useful and beautiful things in your bedroom! No messy clutter.

    9.  Write Thank-you notes promptly.

    10. Keep all your appointments.

    11. Print out your favorite or important documents like schoolwork, or essays and organize it into folders.

    12. Keep your room clean for unexpected guests!

    13. Frame all your cute pictures with your friends.

    14. Clean up your computer desktop!

    15. Break your goals into small steps! Create a step-by-step to- do list for each goal you want to achieve, mine is to start a magazine next year, so my step-by-step to do list includes writing at least one substantial article each day, daily goal reminders in my journal, creative planning, and to reach a large audience.  My goal is to inspire each and every one of you to live your best life!

    “Good order is the foundation of all good things.” –Edmund Burke

    Nicole Weider is a Salem, Oregon native who moved to Los Angeles and quickly found success as a fashion model at the age of 17. Today, Nicole is an active wife, mom, producer, actress and author and has made it her mission to share her personal story, the bright moments and the challenges, with young women around the world.


    1. Your creativeness,and drive to spread God’s word is wonderful and appreciative,thank you for all your tips,and informing us of the world, that would be awsome if you created your own magazine, I will look forward to it 😀

    2. You are a very creative person, you having a drive to spread God’s word :D,your are a faithful servant of God and he will bless you for that,excited for his return!I will look forward to your magazine 😀

    3. i always think my room looks like a mess so this is a huge help!I would love if you had a magszine. Actually i wasthinking about that today! I really want a positive magazine that i can look at. I love magazines and i love the amazing articals on this website. Maybe you could put clothing ideas and makeup ideas in it too?

    4. My dad taught me one wonderful piece of advice. “Be RUTHLESS when throwing things away that you really don’t need” We just moved and over half of my old belongings are in boxes ready for Goodwill. Some of the boxes I didn’t even bother opening, out of fear of wanting their contents too much on discovery.

    5. These are some nice tips! Recently though I have been cleaning up digital clutter. Unsubscribing from email lists I don’t read anymore. I have been deleting accounts I don’t use anymore like myspace I got lots of spam sent from myspace and I hadn’t used it for years. During my teenage years I had made a ton of accounts on various social network sites ect. that clogged up my inbox. Then I have had multiple email accounts but I’ve got it trimmed down to three of them now an aol, yahoo, and college address. Sometimes digital clutter can really start to take over your life and you need to mindful.

    6. A cute way to make frames for pictures with your friends is to punch out the lenses in 3d glasses, and replace them with pictures. You can put them on your desk, or if you want to hang them on your wall you can break the arms off.

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