Watch It: What Movie Inspires You Most?

    Welcome to the first week of 2013! Don’t you feel it’s the perfect time to rededicate yourself to your faith and growth in Christ?

    While there are so many ways you can find inspiration, watching a powerful movie can be a wonderful way for you sweet girls to recognize the power of your faith! Here are some great choices, and please share your favorites in the comments!

    IN THEATERS: Les Misérables is the most popular musical of all time, and now it’s finally on the big screen! Audiences and critics are loving it. The play/movie’s Christian message also can’t be denied, especially given the love that the lead character, Jean Valjean, develops for the Savior throughout the course of the movie. Valjean’s story of salvation and redemption is one that will endure! If you haven’t seen it already, it’s in theaters right now nationwide and is sure to be a classic for years to come.

    TO RENT: Pay It Forward is a simple premise, but one that’s easy to forget about in daily life–do one simple favor every day in thanks for everything that’s good in your life. After all, if everyone pays it forward, the world will be a better place. While the movie itself isn’t obviously Christian, the spirit behind paying it forward most definitely is. And it makes you think–how you can pay it forward in your daily life?

    PROBABLY ON CABLE: Rudy is a great movie, even if you’re not a football fan! The powerful and inspiring Christian message of this movie cannot be denied. Rudy worked hard and prayed hard, and eventually not only got to play for Notre Dame, but also received a degree from a top school that has always been grounded in its faith. Watching Rudy overcome all the odds is a great way to remind yourself that God has given you the ability to persevere no matter what. You have to love this description of Rudy–“Sometimes a winner is a dreamer who just won’t quit.” How amazing is that?

    What movies inspire you the most? Even movies that are not obviously Christian (on the surface) can provide a lot of positive messages. Gorgeous PI girls, please share your favorites so everyone can share your inspiration!

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    1. I haven’t seen Les Miserables, but I’ve seen the other two movies. Rudy was good, but I really don’t understand why you would suggest Pay It Forward. It was absolutely awful, even though the idea of being nice to other people and everything is great, the movie was filled with violence and ADULTURY, so why are you suggesting it to young girls??

    2. I’m concerned about the recommendation of Pay it Forward. I watched it a couple years back, and while it has a fantastic message, it also has a sexually explicit scene in it. I want to let you girls know that. When we watched it we had to skip that scene.

      Anyway, as far as inspiring movies, there’s all the Sherwood movies (if you don’t know who they are, check them out for sure!) and Faith Like Potatoes. Being Elmo is also really good (although it is a documentary, it’s incredibly interesting). That helps me to know that I am capable of anything, and that my circumstances do not limit me. To add a Christian twist, we know that God can work through anyone, no matter their situation.

    3. The other night my mom, sister, and I watched a movie called, “Emma,” which is based off one of Jane Austen’s novels. It is a very sweet and encouraging movie. It shows an innocent, fun-loving, and sometimes mischievous young woman grow and mature while finding out that true love waits. 🙂 I highly recommend it to anyone!

    4. Les Misérables was soo good! I saw it with my mom and dad. The whole redemption story was amazing! It truly showed how actions can change a person! It also shows the how great God’s grace is!

    5. Movies like Courageous are great! One of my favorite movies is Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit. These movies are so inspiring, and have strong Christian messages! And the characters are excellent role models compared to characters in popular modern movies. I have been inspired to never give up, be a good friend, and so much more through these movies.

    6. Les Miserables is currently my favorite movie! 😀 When I saw the picture of Marius and Cosette on facebook, I had to click in and see. Cx
      Lord of the Rings, as geeky as it sounds, really inspires me. As Sam says, “It’s like in the great stories, Mr. Frodo. The ones that stay with you. Those people had lots of chances of turning back, only they didn’t. They kept going…they were holding on to something. Even darkness must pass…a new day will come, and when it comes, the sun’ll shine out the clearer.” That last line is almost a direct quote from a verse in Proverbs! I love it.
      Other than that, “War Horse”, “Forever Strong”, and “Soul Surfer” are really inspiring movies to me. 🙂

    7. I was just listening to a radio program talking about the faith and Christian theme in Les Miserables, which makes me want to go see this movie even more. I just saw the Hobbit, I loved it, and though the Christian theme was not as obvious in this movie as it was in Lord of the Rings, J. R. Tolkien was still a professed Christian.

    8. Lord of the Rings! Although the book is better…. but it’s a crazy good movie and Tolkien was a genius! He was a Catholic, and it really shows through his writings. Probably one of my favorite quotes from Lord of the Rings is when Frodo says Smeagol deserves to die and Gandalf replies,”Many that live deserve death.And some that die deserve life. Can you give them that?”
      I also love Eowyn my favorite Eowyn quote is when Aragorn asks , “What do you fear?” and she says, “A cage. To be trapped behind bars until use and old age accept them, and all chance of valour has gone beyond recall or desire”. she’s one of my favorites 🙂 I also love when the Nazgul says “No living man may hinder me!” and she says “No living man am I” 😀

      Anyway, I think Lord of the Rings is a REALLY powerful book. It’s got this feel to it… like really pure beauty and truth. If you just read it really close, there’s so much Christianity in it! Frodo is NOT a “fallen Christ” (Tolkien HATED allegories)( and that one makes little sense 😛 but I’ve heard people say that) and it’s not supposed to symolize the Church, but there are lots of influences and the whole book just brings me closer to God. Anyone agree? or disagree? haha

    9. Oh man, I’m so happy to see a post about Les Mis on here. I thought it was such an amazing and beautiful movie, and you’re right, it has such a wonderful message too! There was even a lot of beautiful Christian imagery in it, with crosses somewhat-hidden in the scenery and whatnot.


    11. Coming from my true love side;)..Two of my favorite movies are “pride and prejudice” and “beauty and the beast”!
      Pride and prejudice because of its a pure love! No one is lusting for each other or sleeping together…Mr. Darcy just simply admires Elisabeth, and Elisabeth soon after admires him! To me that love story is just so…pure in sense:)
      “Beauty and the beast” has always been my favorite Disney movie! I love the fact that Belle doesn’t look at the outward appearance of the beast, but she gets to know his true heart! It’s inside that matters!:)
      As for a Christian and inspiring movie, I enjoyed “To save a life”. Very good story:) and it’s about a teenager so it applys well to the younger generation;) but anyone can be inspired as well:)
      Oh oh…just recently I watched “what if”! It was SO good:) kinda the Christian version of “family man” if you’ve seen that!

      Ok ok…I’ll stop there:):)

    12. My favorite movie is Soul Surfer because even though Bethany faced all those challenges she still got back on her board and followed her dreams to become a pro surfer. She is also my role model 🙂

    13. As girls we all love our romance movies! However it can be difficult to find a clean, Christian content, romance movie. I highly recommend the Love Speaks Softly series. All the movies in this series is PG and has a beautiful Christian messages! Also a great mother-daughter series as well!

    14. I loved seeing Les Mis in theaters — if you are needing a bit of encouragement and a sense of “I’m not the only one going through a thousand problems and feeling like she’s going to give up,” this is a perfect movie for you. Be warned though: it’s graphic in that there are sexual scenes.

      If you need a great, cute flick, I have always loved the Lizzie McGuire Movie.(You can watch a low quality version of the entire movie on YouTube.)It always taught me to stick with your best guy friend, not some random boy who just wants to use you. (And I love that Hilary Duff has overall been a great role model compared to other Disney stars like Miley.)

      I know a lot of girls are gonna say this, but Soul Surfer. I wish I had Bethany’s strength everyday and she encourages me that even though she has one less arm, she can take advantage to her disability.

    15. I love Les Mis! It is just such an amazing story about the two different sides of grace. Valjean knows he doesn’t deserve grace but takes it and loves others and helps others. While Javert is so focused on the law that he knows he doesn’t deserve grace and he just can’t understand it. The story is truly amazing, go see it!

      “To love another person is to see the face of God.”

    16. Ah, another one I forgot–War Horse. Having trained and showed horses for nearly seven years, it tugs at my heartstrings every time I see it (and my tears!). Overall, it’s just such an amazing movie.

    17. I loved The Hunger Games! Very inspirational. Jennifer was amazing as Katniss and some parts brought me to tears just like it did in the book. She volunteered for her own sister which meant possibly dying. But an TV series I find is Doctor Who. Being in America I can only watch it on BBC America or on Netflix. But season 4 was all about how important Donna Noble was but nobody knew until the end of it. But I changed a lot after watching it and Hunger Games.

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