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Watch: These Women Dare to Defy the “Average” Path

What if each time you were to step into a public space, you were given the choice to walk through an entrance labeled “average,” or a second entrance—one that has been designated as a pathway for the beautiful?

How would you define beauty? Would you feel more comfortable choosing to align yourself with the norm? Perhaps more humble?

Would you be concerned that actively choosing to be label yourself as “beautiful” would imply that you are vain, or even immodest?

When confronted with a choice as real and as physical as selecting a door to walk through, the exercise seems strange, conflicting and yes—daunting. You might even stop, hesitate and spend a great deal of time contemplating your decision.

Yet this is a choice we women are perpetually making—the fork in the road simply isn’t always quite this obvious (or public, we might add). And as it turns out, lots of women either can’t or won’t acknowledge their own beauty. Or, they’re reluctant to openly own it. 

And that’s a shame, because “average” is really only an illusion, with every woman’s beauty being unique only to her. So—let’s throw the doors labelled “beautiful” wide open for all women, and line the path with encouragement.

Starting with you.

Which is why we urge you to watch the video below, to imagine that you are in a similar situation, and to press “pause” on your decision until you’re feeling empowered enough to make the only true choice.

Our hope is that these women will provide the inspiration you need to do just that.


Image: Youtube


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  1. Wonderfullymade21

    Posted by Wonderfullymade21 on April 9, 2015 at 12:06

    This is an awesome ans inspirational message!! For so long i kept telling myself i wasnt beautiful because i didnt look like the pretty girls that i went to school and hung out with. But when i met Jesus he changed the way i view myself! I dont have to have pretty eyes, long hair, or be a model to be considered beautiful. Im beautiful because the one true King created me!!!!

  2. dalmatiangirl12

    Posted by dalmatiangirl12 on April 9, 2015 at 12:05

    Wow. This is so empowering. I watched this video and immediately started tearing up, because I realized that when I saw those two doors and found out that you were supposed to choose, I immediately knew I would choose the average door. I struggle with viewing myself as a beautiful person because I always feel like I’m surrounded by people who are more muscular, skinnier, taller, more beautiful than I am. Everyday I look into the mirror and I see my imperfections and they make me insecure, especially because I have an asymmetrical jaw–one side is longer than the other so my face isn’t symmetrical and I have an underbite and braces. And I yet, somehow I still go out into the world without a speck of makeup and live my life as me. But deep down, I know I still feel very insecure about my appearance. I know it hasn’t stopped anyone from being my friend, or even having crushes on me or even asking me out to prom! but I know personally, I don’t feel very beautiful. I may not be self conscious about it most of the time, but i know it’s still there. It’s part of the reason why I’ve started becoming more interested in makeup. But I think after seeing this video, it has really encouraged me to use makeup and clothes and hairstyles to reflect who I am, not conform to what is beautiful according to the rest of the world. I encourage every girl out there to be empowered by this video and let yourself, love YOU. God created you this way; he is an all-knowing, all-loving God. Embrace what he’s given you, but it’s okay to feel insecure–but don’t let that define your life, and your perception of yourself. We’re all beautiful.