What After-School Activities Are You Involved With?

    We know that for some students, the minute the last bell of the day rings, they’re at their locker and out the front door in no time flat. Whether they’re rushing home for work, family time or just to chill, we can’t blame anyone for not wanting to spend too many extra hours at school!

    However, there are plenty of others who spend tons of time after school on campus—practicing with their sports team, helping their favorite teacher get organized, practicing songs with the choir or prepping the school newspaper. Whatever your situation, we can’t wait to hear how you spend your after-school time, and what traditions you might be interested in continuing on to college.

    Answer the polls below, then let us know more in the comments!

    Are you involved with any after-school activities?

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    What kind of after-school activities are you involved in?

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    How many days a week do you stay late after school for an activity?

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    1. Whoa Emily RW! You have Bright Lights too?! Idk many people who have heard of it but I do one in Ohio. I’m homeschooled too, so I dont get to do a lot, but I do participate in a youth group and love it 🙂

    2. I’m part of a chorus and youth group, that is about it. I love youth group and do participate in that. This weekend is Student Ministry Weekend which means the youth take over the services which is soooo awesome.

    3. I don’t really do any activities through school…but I AM busy.

      I do YoungLife club in my town on one night, and we have a bible study called Campaigners on another night. I am involved in my church choir at church, and sing on the praise team, so there’s practice for that and performances. I’m part of a morning bible study at 6:30 AM, and a leadership small group as well, also through my church (yup I basically live there). And just for fun, I’m in the gardening club that meets at 7 AM once a week at my school LOL

      I’m in the middle of starting a Christian club/group where we’ll have regular meetings and bible studies. Also, I’m in a select choir of 25 people at school, and we have a 2 hour night practice once a week. So…I’m busy haha 😉 Plus I take voice and guitar lessons

    4. Here would be my insane list- Student Council, Violin (solo, orchestra, and a symphony orchestra, not to mention my band) and running. It’s keeping me moving, and sometimes that’s not a good thing. I’m exhusted.

    5. I do nothing! Haha, my school is very small, and not a great school either…so my week consists of spending a lot of time on here! But I have Youth Group on Wednesday, and once cheering starts I will be very involved with that! 🙂

    6. I do so many clubs!
      First of all, I throw shot put, which, even though it’s a spring sport, has already started! I train year round!
      Then I do ethics bowl, which is basically a debate over moral issues.
      I do history bowl, which is a jeopardy style history competition.
      I do Girl Scouts.
      I’m in the Middle East club – we do Syrian refugee relief and pen pal stuff.
      I’m in the dinner party club where we go to art museums, watch movies and bake (I don’t know why it’s called the Dinner Party Club.)
      Also, I run a literacy program at a local elementary school.

    7. Since I go to a small Christian school, I’m able to be involved in a lot. First, I do sports all year round (volleyball, basketball, cheer, & track [technically field because I’m a thrower]). I also do drama/theatre, which I really love, and I’m in our show choir & praise band & on student council. Outside of school, I do BibleQuizzing–my favorite activity of all time! It’s a great way to study God’s word and interact with people who share a passion for the Lord. I’m always busy, but I love being able to enjoy high school while I can!!! 🙂

    8. I’m in a Super-Senior/Gap Year right now, but I participated in Speech & Debate throughout my 6 years of junior high & high school. It has been a huge blessing in my life as far as training me & building friendships. If you are homeschooled and looking for a good activity, look up either STOA or NCFCA (the two homeschool debate leagues) on Google.
      Other than that I did a lot of church stuff: AWANA, Youth Group, etc.

      • Wow! I LOVE water polo! I’m actually training to become a lifeguard at my school, and if we all do well on Friday we all get to play water polo! I actually didn’t know anything about water polo’s existence before this class. And until now I had no idea that it was actually a high school sport! I wish my school had it!

    9. For band, I have rehearsal on Mondays and Tuesdays, a sectional on Wednesdays, more rehearsal on Thursdays, football games on Fridays, and all day competitions on Saturdays through October 26th. It’s hectic and rough with school and homework, but it’s totally worth it. The hardest part is knowing that this is my last year doing band because I’m a senior, but I’ll probably continue doing it in college. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even try out for a drum corps!

    10. I stay after school on Mondays for a Bible study and prayer group called Faithwalk. I go to a public school, so it’s amazing to get together with other Christians to shine a light for Christ in a very dark place.

    11. I actually go to the community college here and sing with the concert choir at noon every day. I also go to the chamber choir at one. I auditioned to join. I am super happy I got into this 14 person choir.

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