What Are Your Favorite Games?

    Games, whether they’re online, on your phone, a video game or a board game, can be a fun way to relax and de-stress. And there are so many fun, new options!

    We want to hear about what kind of games you like playing most. Does your family have a specific game night, or do you bring board games to sleepovers or on vacation? Have you ever invented your own game to play with friends?

    Answer the polls below then let us know more in the comments!

    What is your favorite kind of game to play?

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    Who do you most often play games with?

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    What type of games do you like?

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    1. Technically, the games I play are a combination of Adventure/Fantasy AND Performance. I play tabletop RP games with friends, and I absolutely love it. My boyfriend just started a weekly campaign of Pathfinder, and our friends come to our apartment to play every Thursday. =^_^=

    2. Well… I’m kinda into a variety of games. Everything from girly/sleepover games like MASH and telephone and a lot of charades-type-but-not-quite games (like where someone tells two or three people to act like they’re doing on thing, when the audience knows that they’re technically supposed to be doing something else, like sitting on the toilet), to chess, to Kingdom Hearts, to online writing RPGs, to word searches and puzzles. The only games I dislike playing are scrabble-type games. I dislike scrabble or Bananagrams or words with friends. And… I couldn’t vote for two on the who do you like to play with, but I prefer playing by myself about half the time so…

    3. I LOVE board games. I don’t have as much time to play them any more, but when I was younger my dad and I would play them all the time. I recently learned how to play chess, which is fun. I think my all-time favorite game has to be Scrabble though. One of my friends made up a game spur-of-the-moment, and I love playing that one too.

    4. I currently play two games regularly. The Old Republic (An MMORPG), and Arkham Horror, a cooperative board game.
      Around Christmas, all the in-laws get together, and we play a lot of card games (Oh Hell being the favorite).
      My brother-in-law is the one who got us into Arkham Horror. He also brought over Civilizations, and that was fun.

    5. Im a gamer so of course i play video games. I think the reason I started playing video games was because my parents were to busy to play with me. so I started playing video games. by myself and found out there’s a whole bunch of worlds were I can escape and become someone else.

    6. I like the finding games where you basically look for a certain abject and try to solve the mystery…(like the nancy drew video games ^^) then after that, basically anything except word games…xD (other than book worm…book worm is fun sometimes…depending on the version…)

    7. The Legend of Zelda series, particularly A Link To The Past, Spirit Tracks, and Phantom Hourglass. The Professor Layton series is also AMAZING, it’s a puzzle solving game that has good storylines, but beware, most of them will probably make you cry at the end.

    8. I love to play pounce (similar to Dutch Blitz, but more complicated and fun with a normal deck of cards per person) with my family (other families and friends just don’t take games seriously enough;) Playing LEGO games on the Wii is super fun with my brother! I love playing LEGO Lord of the Rings, LEGO Indiana Jones, and LEGO Star Wars!

    9. I’m not really a ‘gamer’ although I really like board games such as Life, Settlers of Catan, and Clue, and some not-quite-board games like Apples to Apples, and some card games like War, Shanghai rum, Baseball, and Kings in a Corner. I’m sure there are some games I’m forgetting, but that’s about it.

    10. What?! How can nobody have said Ticket to Ride (& all its sequels) TTR is basically the best board game ever. Seven Wonders is also pretty fun. Ooo, I also love a French game called Carcassone, you build a map with tiles & claim territory.
      Pictionary Cars Game & Flux are fast fun games. 13 is a great game if you have just a deck of cards on hand.
      My family plays board games a lot. We’re super competitive, tears & shouting are all part of a game night, but it’s all in good fun.

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