Which Christian Denomination Are You?

    Wikipedia says that a denomination is “a subgroup within a religion that operates under a common name, tradition, and identity.” We know our PI readers are diverse, and we’re curious to see how many branches of Christianity we cover!

    Of course, there are five major extensions under the main umbrella of Christianity: Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, Anglican and Protestant. But then each group breaks down even further, with sections of Protestants including Anglican, Baptist, Congregational, Lutheranism, Methodism, Presbyterianism and Reformed. Whew! Where do you and your family fall in and how does that affect your beliefs?

    Answer the polls below then let us know more in the comments!

    Which denomination are you?

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    If you're Protestant, which sector do you fall under?

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    How'd you decide your faith?

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    1. Used to go to a Baptist church when I was little, but wasn’t really a Christian then, just went to church. Started really growing in my faith when I went to a non-denominational church that I go to now.

      • I agree.

        I am a daughter of Christ and that’s all that matters. I don’t belong to a denomination. So many people say they’re Christian and they throw it around so loosely. For example, say your last name is Smith and some stranger just walks in your house and says “Hey I’m a Smith now!” that would be weird right? Someone who you don’t know just claiming to be a part of your family and you know nothing about them. There is nowhere in the Bible where God calls us Christians, he calls us his sons and daughters. Why not just go by that?

    2. I’m Catholic but there are a few things that we believe that I don’t agree with. I’ve gone to a Catholic church since I was born though and I love being there and I really do believe in my religion 🙂

      • If falls under Protestant because generally the “Protestants” were the ones that separated from Catholicism, and from there the Protestants sorta went into their own denominations. So I guess it does make sense that non-denominational would be under protestant just because they are no longer Catholic.

    3. I say I love Jesus when people ask me my domination. Because really there are too many dominations and you can be more than one. I hear that Christians can also be catholic or Christians can also be Jewish why combined more than one? It’s too confusing. So I just say I love Jesus when others ask but I do go to a nondenominational church when I live at my apartment. When I am with my parents we go to a Pencostol Christian church.

      • Peacegurl1960, just to clarify, Jews aren’t considered Christian. Jesus was Jewish and when He rose up to heaven to join His father, his disciples started the other religions. Some of the principles and beliefs in Christianity have their roots in Judaism, b/c that is the religion Jesus taught his disciples. And like Cillee said, Catholics are under the category of Christians, along with Lutherans, Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterians,and many others. I don’t know if you’ve learned this in history class yet, but when a Catholic priest named Martin Luther was excommunicated (exiled) from the Roman Catholic Church b/c he disagreed with some of its teachings and refused to stop writing against them, he basically started all the other kinds of Christianity-this is known as the “Protestant Reformation”. Lutheranism is named after him and is very similar to Catholicism b/c it was the one of the first kinds of Christian religion formed after Catholicism. Sorry to have given you a bit of a history lecture, but I just wanted to explain things a bit more! 🙂

        • Maybe peacegurl1960 was talking about Messianic Judaism. There’s a congregation of Messianic Jews near where I live and they believe in Christ as the messiah.

    4. I’m from a Non-Denominational church but I used to go to a Charismatic and before that Baptist. The Charismatic church was OK until the pastor got into all this politics and then the whole church fell apart. The Non-Denominational church is my home church and will always be. I mean, thats the place where I REALLY found Jesus, plus they have the best youth group ever and I have friends there. 🙂

    5. I am Byzantine Catholic, which is a little different from the Roman Catholics. Everything is sung, including the Gospel. There are no instruments, and we recieve our confirmation when we are baptized as infants. Those are just some of the differences between the two Catholic Churches. 🙂

    6. My denomination is actually not on there. I’m a Seventh- Day- Adventist. Really, the only difference between us and other Adventists is that we go to church on Saturday- our Sabbath.

        • I’m a Nazarene as well 🙂 and we’re technically under protestant as a Wesleyan/holiness church, which I’m really surprised isn’t up there (it includes Nazarene, Salvation Army, and Methodist, which is on here, so that would be the closest)

    7. I grew up baptist…but I’m not baptist anymore. I attend the First Church of God because I sing there every Sunday, but if I had to pick a denomination I liked best, it would be Assembly of God or Non-denominational. 🙂

    8. I love being Catholic! I know so many people always have something to say about us, but I don’t care 🙂 My growth within my faith has been phenomenal, kept me grounded while blossoming in Christ and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

        • Hi jinglebells! Here’s a link to a chart listing similarities and differences between Catholicism and Protestantism: Three main points are that Catholics accept/confirm transubstantiation, the existence of purgatory, and prayer to saints. Transubstantiation is the transformation of the bread and wine to Jesus’ Body and Blood during Communion. Now, some Protestant churches do perform Communion and therefore believe in transubstantiation, but I don’t know which do and which don’t, b/c I’m Catholic. Purgatory is said to be a “waiting room,” like at a doctor’s office, between heaven and hell. It’s where we believe souls who aren’t quite ready to enter heaven’s gates wait in order to be “cleansed” (repent their sins). Now for praying to saints. Think of saints as mail carriers that deliver your “mail,” or prayers, to God. 🙂 They can also receive “letters” for themselves, meaning that we pray to them directly to ask for their intercession/assisstance. An example would be, “Hi St. Francis of Assissi (patron saint of animals)! So as you may know, my dog recently chased a raccoon in our woods and got scratched by it on his/her ear. Please help him/her heal quickly and keep him/her safe from further harm. Amen.” Hope this helped! If you have any other questions, let me know!! 😀

        • Dear PureFashionLover – To be clear, Catholics don’t pray TO saints…we ask saints and Mary to pray for us -in addition to our own prayers- just like we ask our friends. We pray only to God/Jesus. Also, protestants who take communion do so as a symbol of Jesus’ body and blood. Only Catholics believe in transubstantiation -that there is a change that takes place and we are actually receiving Jesus’ body and blood. God bless!

      • YAY Jesus_chick_529!! *Gives you a virtual double high five* I feel as if someone always has something to say about us Catholics too, but I don’t let any stereotypes or generalizations bother me. I believe that we shouldn’t judge each other based on our religion and realize that we all have at least one thing in common: Jesus our Savior! 😀

        • Amen! I am Protestant, but I really admire the devotion to God and the stressing of spiritual role models that is in the Catholic church.

    9. I consider myself a Bible believing Christian. I like to go to go to the 7th Day Adventist Church. Many people do consider them a cult, but I have found the exact opposite of that. Many of them truly do have hearts for Christ and believe you can only receive his forgiveness through grace alone.

    10. I’m a Fundlamental Baptist Christian, who goes by the KJV Bible. I decided that religion, because it’s what I was introduced to by my family. My school (I go to a private school) has helped me see the Bible’s truths and I’ve never found any reason not to be a Baptist, so I’m that by personal decision too.

      • Oh my gosh! Finally, someone like me! I recently started attending an independent fundamental babtist church, and i love it. It’s a personal choice for me, b/c a lot of my family isn’t religious. I’m skirts, KJV, and Babtisms all the way! 😀

      • Amen, I am an independent fundamental Baptist too! For me its not the religion, its the relationship with Christ. I will stay as a Baptist esp. fundamental b/c I found all the truth in a Baptist church. Plus nothing, minus nothing, just the Bible. And I love listening to sermons. By listening, Christians grow. 🙂

    11. I follow Presbyterian doctrine, but go to a Baptist church. However, I consider myself nondenominational in heart because I have seen both strong, devoted and hypocritical, corrupt Christians from all sides of the spectrum. One branch doesn’t have any higher chance of going to heaven over another.

    12. I’m a Independent Fundamental Baptist. Many people consider it a cult, but I don’t believe that. I grew up Catholic. Once I got more involved in Church, I found some things not so biblical with the Catholic faith. I then got saved and now my relationship with God has never been better. I am in no way saying something bad about the Catholic church, my whole family is still Catholic 🙂

    13. I’m a Moravian.(We were the first protestant religion to break away from the Catholic Church). I hardly ever see “Moravian” as a choice on any Questions about what is your Denomination. Any other Moravian’s on here?! 🙂

    14. I currently go to a Baptist church right now because that’s what my family goes to. I definitely believe in Jesus and am proud to call myself a Christian. I’m not completely sure if I’m “Baptist” though. I’m researching the Pentecostal church because I’m not sure if some Christians have gifts like speaking in tongues. The Baptist denomination barely ever even mentions those, so I really don’t know for sure what I believe about those gifts because I haven’t really been taught about them. I’m trying to learn more though!

      • Vanilla

        My sister in Christ. It is a lovely gift. When you pray in tongues, you praying the perfect will of God. It is great when you when have a situation and you just don’t what to pray for. I hope this helps (1 Corinthians 14).

    15. I suppose I’m nondenominational, but I consider myself more ‘nonreligion’. I go to church and love God and everything, but my spiritual life doesn’t center around a church and I think my relationship between me and God is more important than any label.

    16. Mormon isn’t an option. :/ I am Mormon, and I know that our church is Christian. We believe in following Christ and all of his teachings. In fact, our church’s official name is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We take upon us His name fearlessly.
      Just so you cna consider this. 🙂 It’s really hard for us to not be recognized as Christian, which I see in many of the articles on this website.

      • I can imagine it is difficult to not be considered a Christian. I have worked under multiple LDS and they truly are amazing and kind people. However, there is a doctrinal reason that most people would not consider Latter-Day Saints to be Christians. In Christianity there are two levels of issues. One being major issues and secondary issues. The Major issues are universal in all Christian denominations such as the trinity, Jesus is God, etc but differ with LDS, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Oneness Pentacostals. Secondary issues do not involve the fundamental beliefs most members would believe is necessary to categorize oneself as Christian, such as head covering, marriage set ups, music style etc. This is why a lot of Protestant’s and Catholics would categorize these 3 groups as being distinct religions in their own right. But the point is that until the end of days comes and we meet Christ, no one will know what the cut off for being a Christian truly is.

        • I’m LDS too! It’s nice to see 2 other Mormons on here 🙂 Though my opinion differs slightly from yours I can tell you are an amazing lady Chelsey! I’ve read some of your other comments and wow I can tell that you really know/love what you believe in! Stay strong <3

      • I’m a Mormon too. Christ Is the head of our church and it makes me sad to think that people don’t know tgat important truth. Christ and his life snd Atonement I’d the reason we teach and believe as we do. I know there was a comment about the trinity. We believe God is our Father, Christ is our oldest brother, and the Holy Ghost is another brother. Because Christ atoned for our sins, he’s the only way we can return to God. In this sense, he has adopted us. I can’t see how that could make us not Christian for believing and trusting in Christ.

    17. When people ask me what religion I am I always give the same answer, “I am saved by the blood of Jesus Christ.” It doesn’t matter how you classify yourself, all that matters is that you have recognized that you are a sinner and that you need Christ to save you. Christian means “little Christ”, and no matter what “kind” of Christian you are you should be striving to be like Jesus

    18. I grew up in a Nazarene church (which is Protestant I’m guessing), but last year we left due to a number of circumstances where church leaders were being, in a way, abusive to the youth pastor and his family. Since my family is best friends with that family, it was a big deal, especially since this has happened before with different pastors in that church. So when the pastor’s family left-we left. Right now we dont go to church (despite popular belief that does not make us heathens). I think that if you love the one true God and serve him with all your heart, you will go to heaven. Not being in a church does not sentence you to hell. I would love to go to church, but really, there’s none close by that I would want to go to. All the youth groups are cliquey, so I’d rather stay home and have my person worship/prayer time with the Lord.

      • I’m sorry that all that junk was happening at your old church. I can see why you wanted to leave that church. I really would recommend trying to find a new church though. No, I don’t think you’re “heathens” for not going to church. But church is beneficial for Christians. Churches aren’t perfect, and there might be some parts that you don’t like (such as cliquey youth groups), but I think you could probably find a church in your area where the good aspects of it outweighed the bad.

    19. I am a Roman Catholic, and I love it. One of the most hurtful things someone has said to me was that being a Catholic meant that I wasn’t a Christian. I just could not believe that someone could be that misinformed. I know that some people will tend to “pick on” the Catholics, but we all love God, and that is what matters in the end.

    20. I’m Baptist. But I want to change what denomination I’m in. The one I’m in now is not helping me grow spiritually. My church just seems really judgy and hypocritical. They seem to think their way is the only right way. And I don’t want to be a part of that. Plus I fall asleep, I need a more alive preacher.

    21. I have attended Baptist churches, but I don’t claim a denomination. My current church is Baptist in name, but it’s more like a Bapticostal (Baptist & Pentecostal) church in services. I personally like that blend and allowing the Holy Spirit to move in the service.

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