What Does Beauty REALLY Mean? By PI Girl Lauren

    Still feeling down from that Victoria’s Secret fashion show that aired on TV a little while ago? Watching all of that “perfection” can make anybody feel bummed out. Sure, if we all had trainers, dietitians and makeup artists, we’d all be “gorgeous” by society’s standards. But give it a few years. What happens when there’s nothing left to do to yourself physically, and your age and your heart are all that’s left? Then what?

    You see, when you spend your entire life working on something to just please the world, it gives you nothing real in the end. It’s not eternal. But God is. Put your focus on God, not your looks. Trends and faces come and go—but God doesn’t. He is with us at ALL times. When you take your last breath one day, will your looks and material items really matter? No. But if you dedicate your life to carrying out God’s will, your last breath will be a sigh and a smile—because you can “rest” with the assurance that you are about to meet Jesus, and then stay with Him. Unlike this world, your eternal life in Heaven will last. Forever.

    Now let’s put this into perspective in your own life.

    In the hallways at your school, gorgeous girls are a dime a dozen. There are drop-dead “perfect” girls at every school. We all can think of them. They just seem to have everything going for them. Their hair is never out of place and their smile can lure anyone in like a fishing reel. But if these girls exist at EVERY school (which they do), then what makes them better than anyone else?

    Being beautiful doesn’t mean you’re a bad person, don’t get me wrong. We are ALL beautiful on the outside, I promise. We are God’s creations, and He made you perfect whether you refuse to believe it or not. But there are two types of beauty. Anyone can be beautiful by society’s standards if they really want to be. Like I mentioned earlier, that only takes a bit of makeup, some surgery if necessary and maybe a little hair dye.

    But what is the hardest, rarest type of girl to find? A girl who’s truly beautiful inside. She isn’t beautiful according to what society depicts as beautiful (we are all pretty on the outside, too, but the point is that looks don’t matter in the big scheme of things). She is beautiful because of her kindness, her willingness to help, her service and her HEART. But most importantly, what makes her beautiful is that God made her, and she acknowledges that she is His creation and not the world’s—and that she cannot change, nor does she want to change, what God gave her. It turns out that most girls attract healthy friends not by how much eye makeup they wear or how seemingly perfect their skin is, but by their character.

    Here’s another little fact: God does not make ugly creations. Everything has beauty in some way. A fire can be both burning and beautiful. In the same way, God’s people, all created in a perfect way, are beautiful. But the only way to make that beauty count is through the inside. That’s lasting beauty: an undeniable devotion to the great Creator, God. Everything else is only temporary.

    “Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.” —Proverbs 31:30

    This whole article came from my experience sitting quietly in the lobby of my dance studio. I was waiting for my ride to come and I heard a group of younger girls talking about some gorgeous girl…some popular girl who wore a lot of makeup all the time. It got me thinking how if their school has a girl like that, and so does mine, then every school has one. If every school has the so-called “perfect” girl, then prettiness is easy to find.

    I think girls struggle with seeing themselves as pretty because practically from birth we have all been shown, at one time or another, images of what “pretty” is. Society has always dictated pretty. You buy this and put it on and bam!—now you’re perfect. Over the years, this has been amplified through computers to create images that are nearly unattainable to humans. It’s ridiculous.

    We are each pretty in our own way. It doesn’t matter if that boy likes you or not. If you’re only trying to be pretty simply to attract a boy’s eyes, it’s NOT WORTH IT. You may think it is now, but let me tell you: you are seriously missing out. God did not make you so that you would be measured by men. He did not make you to be measured in pounds or inches. Or by the quality of your skin. Or the size of your eyes. Or by the width of your thighs. Or by size of your head. Or by the amount of freckles you have. God made you to be measured in LOVE. All these little imperfections that you see every day? God sees them as perfections. God’s view of perfect is not the world’s view of perfect. Who defined pretty, anyway? Magazines and Barbies from youth? Here’s what we all forget as we look in the mirror in the morning: Who truly defines beauty? God. And is that based on looks? No.

    Say this in the mirror when you are feeling dejected, rejected or downright insecure:

    “I am the Lord’s.”

    I was reading in the Bible that the people of Israel at one point were so passionate about God that they wrote this on their hands as a profession of faith and a reminder of God’s love for them. They don’t belong to anyone else and neither do you. You don’t belong to that boy—you belong to God.

    So what are you living out right now? Are you attempting to be a daily model? Or are you striving to be the best ROLE model that you can be? It’s not always easy. But by inspiring others through your actions of love, faith and purity daily, you may just discover a part of yourself that you never knew existed. I certainly did.

    Written by PI Girl Lauren

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    Lauren Pearson
    The Lord is my driving motivation through life. There's no greater reason to truly try your best. It's all to glorify Him. I want to use my talents for God and make a difference in this world somehow. I also LOVE writing. I'm also a preprofessional ballet dancer. My goal in life is to be the editor and chief of a magazine one day. But most importantly, Jesus gave it all. So all to Him I owe. The verse I'm trying my best to live by is Micah 6:8.


    1. Each girl should always be reminded how beautiful they are in God’s way inside and out. You blessed me in this article for reminding me of this. Thank you for sharing your heart about this! 🙂

      • That is a very good point! You can never trust what people put off. There is so much more under the surface. Every girl, regardless of their looks, has a story to tell. Social media does not dictate who a person is- and neither does a quick glance in the hall:)

    2. I think this article is well-intended, but the priorities are all wrong. Why can’t we stop telling girls that “You really are attractive outside, and even if you’re not, you’re beautiful inside”? Why do we have to base our worth off of beauty, inner or otherwise? Why is our worth not based on the fact that we are humans, not how pretty our hearts are? Because that’s just as shallow as judging based on how pretty someone’s face is. I know that I am a mess inside. My heart is not “pretty” or “beautiful”. What it is, is a heart. And even more, a heart that belongs to God. That’s what gives it worth, not that’s it’s pure or whole or godly, because it isn’t. I don’t mean in any way to be cruel, but there are people who simply are not physically attractive to a lot of people. Why lie? Why should we tell them they are, if it doesn’t matter what they look like? Society only dictates some aspects of physical beauty. Biology and personal preference have far more influence. Before the next time you throw around those “you’re so pretty oh my gosh!” compliments we all love to give and get, think about if you actually mean it. If beauty doesn’t matter, why is it the only compliment we use? This topic is talked about and talked about, but rarely thought about. I don’t intend to dictate this to anyone, mine is simply a perspective that I rarely hear and I feel I should at least offer it for consideration.

      • I agree with what you said— that’s basically what I was thinking when I read it. Our worth really shouldn’t be based off of our beauty, and we should only give compliments if we mean it. If you actually think someone’s physically unattractive, there are always other compliments you can give without having to lie.

      • I understand what you mean that not everyone by personal preference is considered to be pretty on the outside. But then again, that’s simply our imperfect human opinion. This article was actually accentuating the importance of seeing inner beauty as much more valuable than outer beauty. I think that the priorities in this article are correct in terms of making your God given heart your most important attribute- not the outside of you. Yes, its perfectly ok and natural to see some people as prettier than others. It’s not good to lie- I get that. But that’s not the point, because seeing people a certain way is a matter of opinion. When you start seeing others for their hearts and not their faces- it makes a big difference in how one perceives the world. This article was not saying that beauty doesn’t matter. And it isn’t saying to lie to people about their beauty either. In fact, it was making the point that beauty DOES matter- just not in the way society depicts it. In terms of outer beauty, I know that you don’t think every person is “pretty”. But what if you got to know them? You might just find out that that person actually has pretty attributes you didn’t realize before, even on the outside. People have so many layers also. Pull back a few, and you may just find that they are drop dead gorgeous on both the outside and the inside simply by discovering their pure and loving heart. No, their hearts are not perfect. Nobody is perfect. But God sees us still as His perfect creations, and that is because God gives us unlimited grace regardless of our faults. We can only do our very best to be the daughter He wants us to be. On a final note- we aren’t perfect. No one is- no matter how great they seem on the outside. The girls who are popular have so much more to them that you don’t know about. Perfection is not defined by society, it is defined by God. So even when you feel like that girl has everything, remember that everyone has a set of layers. You never know what lies at the core. There could always be secret depression, trauma, or an abundance of insecurities that your doesn’t see. I hope that this article reminds girls that we are ALL beautiful in God’s eyes. It doesn’t matter what you have going on, He is there for you. The inside says so much more about a person than what the outside could ever tell.

        • I agree with both of you, to some degree, and I believe you both are offering very Bible- and faith-based answers. While I agree that it’s not all about beauty (inside or out), it is what’s “inside” that will count in the long-run. Your heart for God is what will truly matter––how you use your God-given gifts and talents to bring glory to Him is what your heart is “made” of.

          I also would like to comment on the whole “people have layers” thing. I completely agree with this, as I’ve seen how true it really is in my own life. There are some people who look a certain way on the “outside”, but on the “inside”, they can be completely different. It can be a good or bad thing, but I’m focusing on the good. Even if someone isn’t society’s definition of “beautiful” or “attractive”, they can become more attractive to you as you get to know them and “peel back the layers”. For a personal example, I liked a guy one time. (I know this sounds lame, but please hear me out!) He wasn’t society’s idea of “attractive” or “hot”, but something about his personality drew me in. As I got to know him, I found out some things about him (and vice versa––he found out things about me, both positive and negative both ways) that helped us grow closer. By getting to know him and becoming increasingly attracted to him as a person because of his personality, I in turn became more attracted to him physically. The physical features about him that might have seemed “plain” or “eh” to others became super attractive to me, because I was already attracted to his personality.

          Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe this is what you (Lauren) were going for, even if not in a romantic sense. Both of you have very valid points, though, and I agree with both of you in multiple senses. God bless, ladies! (:

    3. This is a great article, Lauren! I completely agree, and I love the verses you paired with it. It’s definitely not a sin to be beautiful on the outside, or even wanting to look your best. But at the end of the day, whether you wore the latest clothing brands or styled your hair a certain way, what will really matter is how you used your life to serve God and His people.

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