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    What Kind of Music Pleases God?

    Every week I go through the “Girl Talk” section of Project Inspired and look for those seeking advice and counsel. I want to help answer some questions you may have about living out your Christian walk of faith and any other topics! We want PI to be a safe place where you can ask questions and become bold in your faith. We love you, PI readers!

    This week a PI Girl asked about music and what pleases God. Click here to read the full post.

    “So I have a question. My younger sister is really starting to get into country music. She thinks it’s awesome because my older sister listens to it. I’m not trying to judge anyone, but I don’t think this music pleases God. I believe He wants us to listen to music that worships Him alone and not someone else. So I was wondering if anyone has any advice on how to show her all this and not come across as a mean big sister?”

    This is a great question and one worth exploring the answer to. First off, the fact that you are concerned for your sister is admirable and I applaud you for looking out for her. In the area of discerning what to read, watch or listen to, I agree that some material does not please God and should be avoided at all costs. Life is about balance and we want to be aware of culture and our society, but we don’t want to be desensitized or become insensitive to the Holy Spirit.

    There are different kinds of secular music and I truthfully think country music CAN lean on the Christian side of the music genres. There are country songs that can be more about partying and cracking open a beer, and some are about love or even Jesus. Many country songs have a gospel of faith undertone and many can sprinkle in the truth through the story or message. No one is perfect, and the country music industry welcomes the Bible and gospel, or so it seems.

    Regarding your sister, I would say it is okay to listen to country music and of course the worship music you recommend, as long as she doesn’t support vulgarity. We all need to decide what we want to support and what to feed our minds and souls. I personally used to listen to secular music all the time and didn’t see anything wrong with it because I did cheerleading and dance team and it just seemed “normal.” We need to cast out any thoughts that don’t align with God’s Word, but also life is fun, and God doesn’t want us to be religious, but rather to conform us to a genuine relationship with Him.


    Take hold of my words with all your heart; keep my commands, and you will live. Get wisdom, get understanding; do not forget my words or turn away from them. Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you; love her, and she will watch over you. The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding. Cherish her, and she will exalt you; embrace her, and she will honor you. She will give you a garland to grace your head and present you with a glorious crown. (Proverbs 4:4-9)


    Once I became a mature, spirit-filled and born-again believer (John 3), I started to thirst for godliness and righteousness, and craved listening to worship rather than secular music.


    Don’t use foul or abusive language. Let everything you say be good and helpful, so that your words will be an encouragement to those who hear them. (Ephesians 4:29)


    I listen to a balance of both, but now I predominately choose to worship and to listen to more wholesome and positive music, just because, really, the radio is filled with a lot of vulgar music on mainstream radio.


    They do not belong to the world just as I do not belong to the world. (John 17:16; “Be in the world and not of the world”)


    Here are some scriptures that can help you navigate this type of stuff personally. Ask God to help you, and if you have a bad feeling about it or feel convicted, then don’t listen to that music or support it. If you feel a peace about it and want to be balanced, not religious, than listen to both and just walk in the spirit, and the Lord will guide you!


    And be not conformed to this world: but be you transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. (Romans 12:2)

    Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ… (2 Corinthians 10:5)


    PI Girls, what do you think? Comment below!

    Christi Given
    Christi Givenhttp://www.christigiven.com
    Christi Given is a former Trinity Broadcasting Network host for the JUCE TV NETWORK, and has been featured on the Hillsong Channel. Her passion is to reach the youth with the Gospel and her music. Given has been writing for Project Inspired since 2011, and hopes to encourage the younger generation in their faith.


    1. Country music is fine, you shouldn’t be judgey about other people’s taste in music….But STAY AWAY from Luke Bryan. Country music can be bad, but I don’t think God’s like NO NO NO NO NO when we don’t listen to music that is praising him alone all the time. (Like classical, for instance).

    2. I believe what you fill your mind with is what comes out of you, which is why I primarily listen to Christian artists. If I listen to secular music, I make sure it’s clean and not about sex, drugs, etc.

    3. I listen to mostly secular music. In fact, I hardly listen to any worship at all. I think most of my music is fine. I don’t think music has to worship God exactly, as long as it does not lead you away from him or make you feel distant. I listen to a band called The Gorillaz. I grew up listening to them and did so even before I discovered God. Now it’s hard because even though I have no problem with secular music, this particular band does make me feel like I’m drifting from God. There aren’t any evil lyrics or anything, but they certainly aren’t family friendly. I’m working on it, but it’s certainly a process because I’ve loved them for years and it means leaving behind songs I love and merchandise I own.
      Bottom line, I think that as long as it doesn’t create a barrier between you and the Lord, he doesn’t mind. It will be hard, but I’ve been praying for God to help me let them go.

    4. Like Katie Emmerson’s video on here ‘Garbage in Garbage out with Entertainment’. (I think that’s what it’s called…) It depends how much you listen to it and such. Like, I watch the show Monk, and it has bad words but as long as you skip the episode if they are swearing like crazy, you can protect yourself from that danger.
      Plus I would get in trouble if I swore so that helps me with self control A LOT. But I know that’s not the same in every household.
      But I think this also depends on how old this little sister is. Since she was calling her her ‘younger sister’ she probably wasn’t to little but I think age also comes into play in that.

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