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What to Do When You Don’t Like God

Psalm 102 is a passage about affliction. In it, David pours out his heart to God—and it’s not a pretty story. His circumstances are overwhelming and painful. He is alone and in pain. There is a good chance that—in his natural state—David didn’t like what God was allowing him to go through.

Have you ever been where David was? Perhaps you’ve gone further than not liking your circumstances—it’s God that you don’t like. In times of pain, it’s natural to question why God is allowing us to experience difficulty. But we don’t need to stay in that place of questioning. Difficulty has a way of blinding us to God’s goodness—but it can also be a means to experience His love more deeply than ever before. If you don’t like God right now, read on.


Acknowledge Your Emotions to Him

Don’t hide your feelings from Jesus; He already knows what is in your heart. Like David, pour out your heart to Him. Be honest! Acknowledge your emotions and process them through prayer instead of venting to another person.

In any good relationship, it’s always better to take our grievances to the person involved rather than mull it over in our mind. Do God the honor of coming to Him first. Share what you are feeling and allow Him to teach you through it.


Discern the Root Problem

When we don’t like God, there is always a reason. We don’t arbitrarily arrive at such conclusions. So what is the cause? Do you feel overwhelmed by financial difficulty, a bad breakup or a frightening diagnosis? Did you ask for something from the Lord only to get the answer you didn’t want?

When navigating life’s challenges, we must always remember that we live in a fallen world. The sin and pain we see around us is NOT of God, nor is it His intention. But man has a free will, and the choices of others directly impact us. Further, the stain of sin on humankind means we are prone to disease, pain and death. The promise God gives is that He is WITH us through these things. He is present and loving no matter what happens. Sometimes He doesn’t take away the pain, and sometimes He does, but if He were to remove difficulty completely, this would no longer be earth. Heaven is the place where we will be free of pain—and this earthly life is but a short race to run in comparison to that eternal reward.


Open Your Mind to Be Changed

As you acknowledge your feelings and discern what is really causing your dislike for the Lord, open your mind to be changed about Him. Don’t let pride or anger block you from the love of your Father and Creator. In the parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15), God is portrayed as a loving Father who doesn’t just wait for His son to return to Him, but runs to meet him when he does. What amazing love!


Open Your Heart to His Love

Finally, open your heart to the love of God as described above. It can be hard to accept at times, particularly if you feel distant from God because of your own sin. But remember that God sent Jesus specifically to bridge the gap between us and Him. It is because of God that we are able to even have a relationship with Him—and He wants that relationship! He wants to walk with you, talk with you and know you personally. It’s hard to dislike someone who cares that much.

God gives grace for the growing process, and He shows grace as we come to know Him in difficult times. Don’t give up on Him—He’s not giving up on you!

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