What Would YOU Like to See on PI This Year? Share Your Thoughts!

    Happy 2014, PI Girls! Now that the new year is here, we’re looking to make some big, fun changes on PI to make it even better! So we want to know: What would you like to see on the site? It could be anything from an article idea to a new feature you’d like to see! Here are some ideas we already have:

    • We’re going to enhance your profiles to make them even more fun
    • We’re going to make some great changes to the chat room
    • We’ve got some fun new bloggers to introduce to you!

    Leave your thoughts in the comments below; we can’t wait to hear from you, gorgeous girls!

    Team Project Inspired
    We here at Project Inspired want to guide and inspire teen girls to be true to themselves and to God. We want to show young girls how to be people of value and confidence – how to be your own best selves – through leading a Christian life. Who are we? We're a team of girls, like you. We edit the site, we post to social media, we hang out in the chat rooms and forums. We talk with you, we listen to you, and we love you!


    1. I would love for there to be a way for girls to message each other outside the chat room! Like if a girl isn’t online, you could leave a message for her so that she could see it later! It saves the trouble of making a post in the forums!

    2. Hmmm, well I like PI the way it is!:) Change can be good though. I think that reviews on new music would be cool, Christian but also nonChristian letting us know if it is the kind of music we should be listening to.
      I think it would be cool to be able to do some sort of project as PI girls. I don’t know what or how that would work, but to all work together on something somehow to raise money or something would be cool. Or to form corporate goals like to invite 5000 girls to church this year all together or something:)
      I really like the articles written by PI girls too, more of those would be great!:)

    3. I would love if there would be sort of a contest where PI Girls that love to blog and write could enter to have a chance to have their own “column” (kind of like in a newspaper but on this website) where they could contribute something encouraging, thoughtful, or inspirational every week or two weeks or however the PI Team decides.

      If possible, maybe PI could hold a contest where PI Girls that are interested in this can write an article. The PI Team can pick one girl to have her own “column” for a semester or a few months or a year and then choose another girl each term. I think it would be a neat way for girls in this community to inspire other girls.

      I love all the contributors on this site, but I think it’s always healthy to have some girls at our level that can encourage us as well. 🙂

    4. I think that there should be more Nicole video chats (if possible) because I am usually busy Friday nights and can’t make it and I think it would be cool to have a link to the modest match ups in the MIH posts. Also, I would like to see more beauty posts!! Thanks!!

    5. I have a TON of ideas haha:

      1. I would LOVE an app for PI. I want to be able to easily access it instead of always searching it up.
      2. I would love for a way for us to friend people on PI. Kind of like facebook where we can friend and message others.
      3. I think a prayer group would be wonderful. If we could somehow make a video chat group or maybe even like a chat room for girls to come with prayer requests or just come to pray for others. I feel like that would be sooo cool.
      4. It would be very cool to have group goals each month or something. Raise money for a charity or how many people you bring to church or how many chapters from the Bible you read. Or something like that. I know it was mentioned before but I just think that’s such a cool idea.
      5. It would be nice to be able to submit more articles on here. Like more other people.

      • I think that A prayer group would be awesome. I love that Ida and putting it in where people could come with prayer requests.

        i think it would be great to have a something to raise money for as well.

    6. I would also love some kind of common PI projects, where we can as a community make a difference in this world! And we would get to know each other more. Keep posting fashion posts(I LOVE them!!) and the bible studies!! I would enjoy if the time for the Nicole live chats could be earlier or different times every second week or something like that!! PI just keeps getting better! Love it!!

    7. I would like to see more challenges to do great things, like to have a closer relationship with God or read the book of John during your school year. And less about outwardly appearances and more about your soul.

      • Totally! It seems all I ever hear directed at girls is “God thinks you’re beautiful!” and while it’s true and important to hear, knowing you’re pretty isn’t going to inspire someone to fight against poverty or witness at thier school. In fact, it reinforces the concept that your only value comes from physical appearance, because that’s all that is talked about!

    8. It seems like all of the stuff on this website appeals to girls that like shopping and makeup, but we aren’t all like that. I’d like to see articles that appeal to the girls that love sports, art and science.

    9. I think it would be cool if there was a Project Inspired magazine with inspiring Christian women on the cover, feature articles and interviews about them, fun quizzes and polls, pages for fashion and beauty along with music, books, and of course inspirational, faith-based articles!

    10. Hear are my ideas: (Sorry it’s a lot!)
      1. I agree with SitInHisShade, I would like more variety on the subjects besides makeup and fashion. I love science articles and I think it would be cool to have them on here.
      2. Maybe an app or a magazine. I would definitely buy either one!
      3. Please fix the profiles and add pages on each profile that people can post on.
      4. I would love if PI did charity and service! It would be so cool!
      5. This can only be fixed by the girls on PI: Stop arguing in the forums please! I really love you girls but we need to respect each other’s opinions. I will try hard at this too!

    11. A way to legitimately contact the administrators of the website when we find something that we thing that you guys and ALL the girls on the website need to see. For instance, I found a song that I thought would be perfect for you guys, but couldn’t find any way to contact any authority to suggest posting it.

    12. I think PI should be more social where we can interact with each other and share experiences and also testimonies, and ask for prayer requests. Sort of like, a christian girls version of Facebook. Most of the time when I log on I am reading an article or responding to some one. Not that I don’t like reading articles, they’re great and lots of tips and advice can be found in them but it would be nice to be able to interact with one another. Also, some one mentioned goals, I think that would be an awesome idea to helps us improve and challenge ourselves, then we could post and share our experiences with others. In addition, Id also want to see book reviews and movies. Besides those little changes that Id appreciate so much, everything is fine and I’m so glad that I came across this website.

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