When a Christian Girl Goes Viral: Q&A with Sarah Fine

    You may have recently read the article “Christians, Stop Staying Pure Till Marriage” that spread like wildfire online. The gist is that we, as Christians, are to remain pure in Christ always—not just until our wedding night. The author of the blog, Sarah Fine, was suddenly thrust into the spotlight and into the center of the abstinence conversation. We sat down with her to find out what it’s like to go viral and what it means for her in the future.
    Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself.
    A: Well, for starters, I’m Sarah! I’m a 23-year-old Southern California native who transplanted to Tennessee roughly a year ago for work. #SouthernBelleStatus
    I’m an avid blogger, coffee drinker and social media nerd who has a knack for obsessing over absolutely nothing. While I’m a self-proclaimed traveler who has visited almost all 50 states (Europe is next, ideally), you can always find me snuggled up on the couch watching some really cheesy ’90s movie.
    I’m a bit of a pop culture nerd, and it tends to show up in whatever I’m writing. I also have a lifelong love affair with music of every kind. Steal my iPod, and you’ll find everything from Switchfoot to Hilary Duff. (Have I mentioned I’m awkward yet? Because I’m really awkward.)
    Mostly, I just love Jesus a whole heck of a lot and want to live my life in a way that shows others how much He loves them, too.
    Q: How and why did you become a writer? 
    A: I’ve been writing my whole life, ever since I was a kid and my second-grade teacher told me my eight-page English essay was over the three-paragraph limit. Oops!
    Writing became an outlet for me to voice my feelings as a teenager growing up in a crazy broken home. When I finally gave my life to God at 15, I dedicated my gifts, and promised that if He was willing to speak through whatever words I had to say, I’d say them, even if they scared me. Eight years and still going strong, He’s never been more faithful to that promise.
    Q: Tell us about the post that went viral.
    A: When you name your blog “Christians, Stop Staying Pure Till Marriage,” you’re going to get a few people talking. 🙂
    (Fun fact: It normally takes me HOURS to settle on a title I like. This one popped into my head in less than 10 seconds. Jesus thinks He’s funny.)
    The main point of the blog was to challenge Christians in their thinking that virginity equals purity. While saving yourself for marriage is a pure (and right) choice, it doesn’t mean you lose your purity once you’re married and you have sex. Purity isn’t something that’s defined by an action. In Jesus, we ARE pure—virgin or not.
    The ascent of the blog itself is a total blur. One friend shared it, and a few days later, that single share had 70-plus more shares. It blew up from there, and before I knew it, I was faced with what I’ve lovingly dubbed #TheBlogThatWentViral.
    As of right now, it’s at well over 133,000 shares on Facebook alone. That’s JUST shares! When I think about how many people may have read it, my head starts to spin.
    Q: Did you ever expect this to happen? 
    A: Never. In a million years. Ha! Of course, I think every blogger secretly wishes that one of their posts will “make it big” someday, but it’s a strange feeling when it finally happens. It’s equal parts terrifying and incredible at once. There’s a lot of criticism mixed in with all that praise. You’ve just gotta learn what comments to hold on to and which ones to drop…in a ditch…at the bottom of the ocean….
    Q: What has your life/blog been like since then? 
    A: The weirdest moment was when one of my co-workers approached me a few weeks later and asked if I was the girl who wrote that one blog that was all over his Facebook. Ha!
    Seriously, though, it’s been pretty amazing. I’ve connected with more people in the last month and a half than I have in the three years I’ve been blogging. I don’t take a moment of it lightly. Though writing is my passion, I know I’m not the best at it. I’m honored that so many people would want to read anything I have to say.
    Q: What do you hope to do with your writing career in the future? 
    A: For me, I think that’s yet to be seen. Whether I wind up blogging for an audience of three for the rest of my life or write a best-selling novel, my biggest hope is that the words I write will continue to seek truth and share honesty with those struggling to find their voice.
    We’re all beautiful, breathing messes journeying through this life together, trying our best to honor God along the way—through the good, bad and ugly. My prayer is that whatever happens, big or small, my words will passionately reflect the heart of Jesus.
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    1. Yes I read the christians-stop-staying-pure-till-marriage post through face book then I also read Sarah’s response it made me happy to think some one will stand up for purity. I also needed her definition of purity. Thank for posting more of this.

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