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Catch Nicole in Catching Faith 2 now on DVD and streaming, buy your copy now!

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    Why Everyone Loves a Royal Wedding

    With all of the Hollywood films glamorizing promiscuous relationships, it is nice to see a real life fairytale play out. The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine (Kate) Middleton captured the world’s attention.

    But why were so many people captivated with a wedding taking place a world away?

    First, with so much bad news being reported daily, it is nice to sit down and hear some good news. Plus, who doesn’t like a good love story? It was easy to see that these two were genuinely in love and ecstatic to be married. Refreshing from the on-again off-again relationships of many celebrities.

    Most little girls dream of being a princess. However, becoming a princess isn’t that easy because royals traditionally marry other royals or at least nobles. But Catherine wasn’t royalty. She didn’t have a title. She was a commoner who captured the heart of a Prince. The two met at The University of St. Andrews in Scotland. They began dating, but the relationship eventually ended in a breakup. The two remained close friends and eventually rekindled their romance, announcing their engagement in November 2010.

    The glamorous wedding was everything that fairy tales are made of from the elegant wedding dress to the horse and carriage. The event helped give the world some hope and showed girls that dreams can come true.

    [Image via Flickr. All rights reserved by The British Monarchy]

    Corrina Jean
    Corrina Jean grew up in Pennsylvania and dreamed of traveling. Over the past three years she has had the opportunity to live in Virginia, California and Japan. She is a student at Liberty University and is pursuing her English degree. She contributes pop culture articles for the Examiner at Examiner.com. Writing is her passion and she uses her talent to bring to light the negative influence that the media can have on young girls.


    1. I loved the royal wedding I watched all of it that aired! They are truly in love, which is so refreshing about their wedding, and they both seem to be good-hearted people in general (for wedding gifts, they asked that people donate to one of a few charitable organizations that they sponsored, which I thought was beautiful!)

    2. i also love how they waited so long. many celebs get married earlier on, pressuring young girls to get married. Kate didnt give into that, waiting until she was almost thirty to get married. i really love that

    3. I love the royals…it is so nice to see people happy. But do you know what’s terrible. The day after they got married, I saw a magazine in the grocery store about how their marriage isn’t going to last and all the junk. It is so so sad

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