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Why Growing Up in the Church Doesn’t Save You, but Being Born Again Does

Many people have been raised with a background of teachings, faith or morals. Some families may not bring up a child in a faith or religion, but for the most part, people follow what their parents’ beliefs are.

One topic I want to address is: Do you think you are saved based on growing up in the church?

I think this answer depends on the person—either yes, if they nourish their faith, or no, because they can walk away from Christ at any age.

Walking with God is a CHOICE. We all have the opportunity to believe in Jesus or not. The Bible says that if we “…train up a child in the way he should go…when he is old he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6).


Five Reasons Why We Must Be Born Again, Even If We Were Raised in the Church

1. Being a believer and follower of Jesus is a DAILY walk: We must read the Word and seek God’s face daily. We eat every day for physical health and we need to eat our spiritual food (Bible/God’s Word), so that we may grow spiritually. Matthew 6:11 says, “Give us this day our DAILY bread.” This means daily reading, and prayer.

2. Jesus tells us we must be born again: What does it mean to truly be born of the Holy Spirit? (Read John 3 in the Bible.) All you have to do to be born again is to believe Jesus is the awaited Messiah, ask Him to come into your life as Lord of all (believing Christ was raised on the third day after he was crucified for our sins as the final lamb and sacrifice) and believe He is the Son of God. When you believe and pray this genuinely and call on the name of Jesus, you shall be saved (Romans 10:13).

3. When we are born again, old habits are gone: When we receive the Holy Spirit and believe Jesus is the Son of God, we will slowly be sanctified in the Word and will be growing in the Lord. As time goes on and we read the Bible, pray and are in fellowship, we will become more Christ-like and the old habits and sins will not be appealing to us. We will WANT to glorify God. Being born again and baptized in the spirit is symbolic of the dead being buried and rising up again into new life or eternal life.

4. We must be baptized in the Spirit to enter into God’s Kingdom: Water baptism is very key in a Christian’s life, but it doesn’t save you. The blood of Jesus and the resurrection power is what saves us, and believing in our hearts genuinely that Christ is the Messiah is what saves. (Example: The thief on the cross wasn’t baptized, but Jesus said he would be with him in paradise because he had faith.) Ask God to show you His power through the person of the Holy Spirit. Water baptism is an expression of salvation, just as a wedding is an expression of love and the commitment through a vow (2 Corinthians 5:17).

Jesus was water baptized, so as believers it is advisable to be baptized, but this is a subject on which there are different views biblically. Ask God and know baptism is a beautiful way to share your faith and to symbolically see the death of sin and resurrection of new life (out of the water).

5. We must continually be plugged into God: We can stay connected to God through the Church (the body of believers, also known as the body of Christ) through prayer and through the Word. (Read John 15:5.) Just like when your phone is plugged into the power source it has power, when it doesn’t, it loses its battery power and energy. Do you stay connected to God?

Even after you are raised in the church, it is your personal choice and relationship to keep continually following God. What a wonderful honor to be able to access the Lord’s presence because of the price paid for us. I love staying connected to God through satellite radio, bands like the Newsboys and other worship bands. What about you?

Were you raised in the church but then rededicated your life? I have, and it is so amazing when you truly become a new person in Christ! God is able to heal you, restore you and make all things new…it just takes faith and obedience. Do you believe?


Image: Lightstock | Tracy Scollon


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