Why I’m Battling Cosmo Magazine

    The media’s increasing focus on women as sexual objects puts an extraordinary pressure on young women to ignore their beauty within, and focus instead on using sex to get a man. Today there are few media outlets encouraging us to base our self-worth and our identity on values.

    And the saddest thing? The number one selling magazine – Cosmopolitan – which is read by teens as well as adults, enforces this objectification with almost every single article. Look at any recent cover and you’ll see headline after headline encouraging young women to ‘put out’ in order to find love. The majority of the articles put no emphasis on what the opposite sex cares about aside from a woman’s sexuality.

    I recently purchased many back issues of Cosmopolitan dating back to the early 1920s through the 1990s to see how the articles have steadily degenerated. Until recently, the editors seemed to have some semblance of values. The November 1994 issue with Cindy Crawford as the cover model reads: “The Wildest, Kinkiest Turn on is Surprisingly What? Mutual Trust.”

    This article sends a message that’s so much healthier than what we see today in the magazine. It points to compassion as the basis for a healthy relationship. I’d be surprised if the current Editor-in-Chief and staff would publish articles on a man’s attractiveness based on his personality and not just his chiseled biceps or whether he waxes his back. The list of turn-ons for men that we see now are based on a woman’s body parts and how much she exposes. Women (and men!) are led to believe that they’re only worth sticking around for if she puts out on the first date.

    Our current generation of young women are growing up in a society that places little importance on integrity, values or self-respect. This hurts not only women but men as well. They’re losing what can be truly beautiful about a relationship: The mutual trust and connection through shared beliefs. The gradual falling in love rather than the instant jumping in the sack and moving on to the next conquest. And I blame Cosmopolitan. It no longer is a magazine that empowers a woman to lead a better life, or to flourish as a whole person, or to be an actual woman of value.

    As a former model, I know firsthand that young women must learn how to defend themselves against these messages. They need to listen to their inner voice to help steer them away from the media pressure and the bottomless pit Cosmo has gone down. Our current cultural role models who ‘go against the grain’ are few and far between.

    I hope to be one of many voices exposing how our culture and specifically Cosmopolitan Magazine are harmful to young women. Here’s what I hope to share with my readers:

    • An issue by issue critique of Cosmopolitan Magazine
    • Photocopies of specific articles that have harmful messages
    • Outreach to Cosmo advertisers who pay the magazine
    • Notes and videos from my Youtube channel on my progress in this campaign
    What Cosmopolitan knows, but most young women may not, is that the destiny of the magazine relies on profits from the advertising companies and far less on readers.

    Kate White, the Editor-In-Chief of Cosmo, is my “friend” on Facebook. She will be receiving a copy of this article!

    Wish me luck.

    ***Let’s make history and help thousands of girls across the country by writing letters to get Cosmo put in a plastic bag! Sign this petition!

    Once you’ve signed be sure to post it on Facebook to SPREAD THE WORD!!!

    Nicole Weider is a Salem, Oregon native who moved to Los Angeles and quickly found success as a fashion model at the age of 17. Today, Nicole is an active wife, mom, producer, actress and author and has made it her mission to share her personal story, the bright moments and the challenges, with young women around the world.


    1. THANKYOU! So much for what you are doing!
      So I was just browsing the cosmopolitan website to see just how disgusting it is and I find a lot more than I was expecting – they have a whole forum where girls can talk about their sex-lives, for heaven’s sake! In one post a girl is asking for a site where she can find another girl to have a one night stand with her and her boyfriend, in another a girl is advised to show off some sexy lingerie to keep her boyfriend interested. Seriously, these girls need help! They need a solid footing to place their worth on, inside of it being on SEX! Now, I’m not against sex, after marriage that is, but most of these girls are teens and young adults who should be having fun and enjoying their youth, instead of focusing on sex.

      Seriously – it makes me so angry and passionate about stopping this! I myself am only 14 but geez i want so much more than what their talking about in cosmo. Their magazine is complete trash!

    2. Hey Nicole! I really appreciate what you’re doing! I think that if more teens heard what you are saying, they would deff. think twice! I am thankful that someone is taking a stand for the Lord’s cause!
      But with that said, I do think that toning down some strong language you had would be appreciated. I saw the video about the March issue and your language was very clean, which leads me to believe that you were really feeling passionately about anti-Cosmo so you let a few words slip. Like I have said, I really love what you are doing so please don’t be offended!
      I can’t wait to see your other videos! I think that it is really amazing that God saved you from such a terrible future. That is a real testament to how great He is. I really love reading your blog and I hope that you keep it up for a long time!
      In Christ,
      Sara Kathryn

      • I agree. I really appreciate all you’re doing for this cause, but some of your language did bother me a little bit. I don’t think you did it on purpose, but it would be appreciated if you toned down the language a bit. With that being said, I love these videos and everything you’re doing to go against Cosmo.

        • yes you’re right, I said s** in one of the first videos because I was in the heat of the moment, and I made a mistake. No cussing in the future though!

    3. Great project- what a GROSS magazine! And they always have it right next to check-out aisles, so everybody can see their gross titles about sex and everything else. By the way, when’s the next video going up?

    4. Cosmopolitan subverted women in my generation.
      It taught them to hate men in my generation.
      While using us just as a credit card for a good time out in the town. Sprouting all the nonsense about ’empowerment’ and ‘go grrrl’, yet reducing us and by extension disrespecting us.
      Now, having learnt my lessons, I am moving on.
      Frankly, I find women in my generation toxic and absolutely uncouth. All that hankering after glitz and glamor.
      The conversation often turns to them, amongst men.
      And no surprise, the unanimous conclusion, these girls,
      are good for a NSA ONS, but not for a life long partnership.
      What a wonderful society this magazine has created for us.
      But then, they are not alone … there are so many more.
      Savvy, Redbook … 30% and up of a well stocked news stand.
      Bet of luck, fighting this trash though. It took a generation to build this up. It will take at least that long, if not longer, reforming and cleaning it up.

    5. Okay, so I know Cosmopolitan is evil in paper form. And I know there are other magazines out there that are just as bad. But ever since I was eight, I’ve been getting American Girl magazine. I outgrew it three years ago, actually (sheepish grin) but I can’t find anything quite like it that’s more for my age group. I know an ad-free, crafty, artsy, quiz-filled magazine with more fun stuff than celeb gossip or clothing/makeup doesn’t exist for this age. But can you recommend a GOOD magazine for teenagers? Please and THANK YOU!

      • Hey Emily! I completely know how you feel. I feel the same way! But good news: I’m creating a magazine which is similar to this website with things shocking in our culture, uplifting christianity notes, the before and after pictures, ideas and articles for relationships, and lots more! Please stay tuned- it’s coming out in a year! 🙂

    6. @Emily:
      I get Clubhouse magazine from Focus on the Family; I theoretically outgrew it a while ago but I don’t care. It’s Christian and has loads of articles, puzzles, quizzes, Bible studies, fiction and nonfiction stories, etc. There’s plenty of content from readers too, like personal testimonies and culture Q&A. It’s interesting and uplifting and I don’t have to worry about anything being offensive. I love it so much!

    7. Hey nicole! I am seventeen years old and I just discovered your website today! I love it! Thank you for what you are doing, you are truly an inspiration. 🙂 Could I just ask that you refrain from cursing, even sh**? I’m sure you are not one to cuss often and I know that you represent God and the Christian faith, but people who are not of the faith are quick to point out any wrongs in someone who is of the faith! So just be careful and keep that in mind. But thank you so much for taking the initiative and doing something about Cosmo and standing up for what is right! You are a blessing!!

    8. On the website they also have a whole section on not only sex, but sex poses! This is truely disgusting and INSANELY degrading, and whats more upsetting is the magazine is read mostly by teenagers. Infact, some of my friends read it. And some of them are younger than me! Girls my age shouldn’t be even BEGINNING to think about having sex! Its rediculous what Cosmo puts in these articles. And this is coming from a thirteen year old!

    9. Good for you, Nichole. I’m so happy to see this. I see this magazine and it just disgusts me. it’s degrading to women to just display us as objects or…pardon me…sex toys. This society’s view of women is all wrong and I’m so proud to see things like this show up. Thank you so so so much for this. You’ve really inspired me and given me a bit more faith in this world. i really hope you win your battle.

      • Rachel- will you please send this to me in an email and say why you want it in a plastic bag? That way I’ll have one more letter to send to the Chairman of the FTC and to the Senator of California! I mailed out 40 today, and am doing 20 tomorrow. I’m mailing out every week. 🙂 If you do, address it to “Mr. Lebowitz.” Also, include your name and address if you want a reply back, but that is optional. I would love to get an email from you, you can send one to me at Thank you for your encouragement, and God Bless you!!

    10. Cosmo makes me feel horrible about myself. When I see the article titles I just feel sick. I’ve battled anorexia, I’ve felt ugly and undesirable. Cosmo makes me feel worthless because I am not having sex. It makes me feel fat and terrible about myself. And that is why I am glad you are doing this Nicole. Young girls need to be protected.

    11. Maybe is I was a different type of person I would like Cosmo, it would make me feel good or I could actually learn from it. But because I’m not someone who wants to read sex advice, or how to trap a man, or how look “sexy” I can’t enjoy Cosmo.

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