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Why the Departure of Ned Flanders Should Matter to Christians

We recently learned that Ned Flanders, the God-fearing neighbor of Homer Simpson, will be leaving the show. Why does this matter?

Well, let me start off by asking you a question. How many shows can you think of, that are around today, that give a positive depiction of what it means to be a Christian? We’ll wait.




Not very many, right? Well, Ned Flanders’ character was special because he was able to bring up God and faith in a way that was humorous yet still honest and relatable. He was, essentially, a voice of reason on a show that often jumped back and forth across moral lines. When Homer or Bart Simpson found themselves in impossible or unGodly situations, Ned was usually there (oftentimes peaking over the fence or awkwardly staring inside of their house) to steer them in the right direction.

What really stands out about Ned is that he reminds us of every Christian dad. He attended church faithfully. He genuinely cared about his neighbors (even though that concern was not always returned) and he did a pretty good job of teaching his sons lessons from the Bible. He was just…great. And his unapologetic devotion to The Lord was refreshing and awe-inspiring. For these reasons, we will miss Ned’s presence on the show. However, the memory of this God-loving, upbeat, diddly-dooing neighbor, will live on forever and ever.




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  1. kravmagirl96

    Posted by kravmagirl96 on May 14, 2015 at 19:57

    Um. Not to be a negative Nancy here, but his character was created to make fun of Christianity, not promote it.
    I don’t watch this show, but what I have seen of it isn’t good. And his character makes my heart hurt because he is ridiculed and Christianity is a joke on the Simpsons.