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Why You Should Consider Becoming a Youth Leader

If you attended youth group in high school, think about the leaders you had during that time. There was probably a person who stands out in your mind—a person who took the time to notice you, invest in you and keep you coming back to the group. If you’ve graduated youth group, now could be the perfect time to become that person for another girl!

If you’re nervous about becoming a youth leader (whether at your church, a summer camp or another ministry), that’s perfectly normal. It’s a big responsibility! But it can also be an incredible way to pour into the lives of young women who need a positive influence in their lives. Here are some reasons to consider becoming a youth leader.


Ministry Begins in Real Life

I often hear from young women who say they want to start an online writing ministry to young women. This is a great goal, but ministry begins in real life—not online! The best way to prepare yourself for any kind of ministry is to simply start—right where you are. Real-life relationships teach us what people value and need the most. Only by interacting with real young people on a frequent basis do we understand them well enough to write content with which they can identify.

Becoming a youth leader is an excellent way to connect with young people in their “natural habitat.” It gives you an equal footing to discuss the things they’re struggling with, confused about and seeking to understand.


Mentorship Is a Form of Accountability

Another great reason to mentor others is that mentorship encourages accountability. The responsibility of pouring into another person makes our own lives very visible. This means we must be much more conscious of our choices in entertainment, friendships and behavior. Even though we don’t directly answer to the people we disciple, we answer to God for the example we show them.


To Disciple Others, You Must Be Discipled

Mentoring young people takes energy, time and wisdom. If we continually pour out without filling up, we will eventually run dry. That’s why we must not only disciple others—we must BE discipled! As we mentor those younger in age and faith, we must also seek out mentors for our own walk with God—people who give us wisdom to pass on to our youth.

Young people ask a lot of questions, and the need to have an answer is a great motive to find spiritual leaders for your own life. You’ll not only be equipped to share with your youth group, but you’ll also grow personally and spiritually.


Leading Others to Christ Strengthens Our Faith

When we lead others to the cross of Christ, our own faith is strengthened. As we talk about Jesus, teach how to know Him and exemplify His love in our lives, we’re not just pouring into other people—we’re also strengthening our walk with God! How amazing!

Discipleship (which is what any ministry really is) is the feet we put to our faith. Sharing what Christ has done for us is contagious. Our testimonies—no matter how simple—show others just how great God is and what He can do through one life. Let your life be that testimony—and become a youth leader!

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