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Why Your Quiet Time Isn’t Working for You

Do you struggle to stay focused on God’s Word during your time with Him? Do you put it off as long as possible with social media? Do you feel like when you start your day, your quiet time really didn’t change anything?

I’ve been there: struggling with the desire to even do my devotional time, then wondering why I’m doing it in the first place. Then wondering why this walk of faith doesn’t seem to impact my daily life all that much.

The answer to our quiet time struggles is actually right in front of us. All the things we use to avoid time with God, and the consequential lack of depth, are connected:

  • We don’t desire to meet with God, so we don’t focus when we’re meeting with Him.
  • Because we can’t focus, we don’t get much out of our Bible study and we go over the same easy passages again and again.
  • Because we don’t get much out of our Bible study or see how great God is in His word, we don’t know what or how to pray.
  • Because we don’t pray, we don’t see God moving powerfully in our lives. Our eyes aren’t open to see Him.
  • Because we don’t see His faithfulness, we don’t desire to seek Him.

And so the cycle continues. But there is good news! You don’t have to perpetuate this cycle. You can learn to LOVE your time with God and live in daily devotion to Him. Here are some essential steps to get there.


Ask God for the desire to meet Him

If you don’t desire to meet God, that’s your human nature! We don’t want to do things that expose our sin, and the enemy wants us to stay away from our eternal hope. We need the Spirit of God to teach us HOW to draw near and give us the desire to do so. The easiest way to cultivate desire is to ask. Ask God to plant that desire in your heart. He always answers such a prayer! And as you wait for the desire to grow, come to Him anyway.


Remove distractions

I’m guilty of this just like anyone else: keeping my phone handy for when I don’t want to focus and think about a passage anymore. But this teaches our minds that it’s okay to give up when things get hard. Remove distractions by putting your phone in another room or drawer during your devotional time. I highly encourage you to use an actual bible instead of your smart phone—underline, highlight, take notes and study it. Not only do our brains not retain information as well when it’s consumed on a phone, but you’ll also be less likely to open an app.


Learn how to study your Bible.

Maybe you’ve never been taught how to study the Bible, so you struggle to really see what the Word is saying. The best resource for learning how to study the Bible is Jen Wilkin’s book Women of the Word. This book will help you grow in your understanding of Scripture and actually ENJOY what you’re learning!

For a list of Bible study resources that I recommend in addition to this book, check out this post.


Remember: God meets you when you draw near

You’re not the only one showing up to your quiet time. God is there, too. We forget this! We seem to think time with God is like talking into a void, or that He isn’t listening. But as we look for Him in His word and we actively pray, we start to see Him move in our lives. This encourages us to meet with Him again and again.

Don’t give up on your time with God. Break the cycle! He will meet you as you draw near.


For more Bible study tips and to understand how Scripture applies to daily life, follow Phylicia on Instagram (but not while you’re doing devotions!).


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