Will You Be Watching “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”?

    This November, the second installment of The Hunger Games movies, based on the popular book trilogy, will be released—will you be watching? Hunger Games: Catching Fire is set in the futuristic totalitarian nation of Panem, and picks up right where the first film left off. After winning the annual Hunger Games, teenager Katniss Everdeen learns that she must return to the arena for a new challenge even worse than the first one.

    Last year, before the release of the first Hunger Games movie, we wrote a post on the violence in the first installment. You girls had a wide variety of opinions—some opposed the film, while others supported it. Now that the release of the second film is on the horizon, we want to ask: Will you be watching this installment of the popular franchise? If you haven’t seen the latest trailer yet, watch it below:

    PI Girls, what do you think of the Hunger Games  series? Are you excited for the release of the second film? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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    1. I am considering going to see it. I LOVE the books so much! They made me laugh and cry and really were thought provoking. But I ABSOLUTELY HATED the movie! They made so many changes that it was like the story had lost all it’s heart. Catching Fire looks to be a bit better, but I am WAY more excited about Thor 2 and The Hobbit!

    2. I would definitely love too! the only thing is, PG13 rules have changed and you can now use a certain word that starts with F now. Its just one of the things my family has a commitment to, not to go see movies with bad language in it. I’m really hoping they’ve kept the movie clean!!

    3. Uh, yeah, I’ll be watching it. While it is brutal, the whole plot with all the brutality has a POINT to it. It’s not all senseless. People in other countries (Syria, for example) deal with violence worse than what’s in the books every single day, involving children much younger than the ones that are in these films. The whole storyline is stopping unnecessary violence and oppression. You see worse things in the reports of what’s going on in the Middle East than you would in these movies. And the sad thing is, that’s real life as opposed to fantasy.

    4. I’m definitely seeing it! I’m a big fan of the series after watching the movie and then reading all the books. I even have the Hunger Games slogan “May the odds be ever in your favor” engraved on the back of my ipod. I think the series message is very good, about how dangerous too much government control is and how easy society can be manipulated.

    5. I’ll definitely be watching it! Although, yes, it is violent, the thinking behind that is to make people who read/watch the movie question what sort of violent/terrible things OUR society has become accustomed to. In Panem, even though the Hunger Games were viewed as an atrocity, most people did not think that there was anything they could do about it (until Katniss & Peeta came along 🙂 ). The same happens today. People are too afraid to speak up about what they believe in…even though terrible things, much like the Hunger Games, are happening in front of their very eyes. So…yeah, even though it is violent, the violence in the movie is making a point, not like so many of the other violent/negative things out there today. :]

    6. I won’t be watching it. I don’t really watch movies anyways. I did read the books, and they were captivating. I won’t be watching the movie because the book drawed me in too much, and I cannot imagine how the movie will be. When I read/watch movies I get too drawn into the story. It’s not good, as the emotions in them can easily transfer to me.

        • I still like reading, it’s just not good for me to do it. Getting emotionally attached isn’t good. I read harmless books- these are my guidelines for books-
          1- Need to have a Christian background
          2- Some sort of moral comes out the story
          3- No fanasy
          4- Inspirational
          4- Memoir, or realistic fiction

          My favorites are the Sierra Jensen Collection, or the Christy Miller Series, I’m No Angel (Kylie Biscutti), and the series Grace Chapel Inn. I don’t get emotionally attached to these, and I enjoy them.

    7. I waited eight hours at the front of the line for the midnight showing of The Hunger Games… I’ve already bought my tickets for the double feature on the 21st. Which means I get to see Catching Fire at eight instead of midnight! I’M SO EXCITED. I think it’s definitely a twelve-year-old and up movie, and I HIGHLY recommend reading the books first.

    8. Yes 🙂 Huge fan of the movie and even a bigger fan of the books! I don’t think just because something is violent it teaches a bad lesson or is a bad influence. I think violence can teach lessons so future violence or mistakes can be avoided, especially if it seems we may be heading in that direction. I think The Hunger Games is criticizing the media, including violence in the media, despite it being a violent story itself in order to get the message across.

    9. I really want to see it! I’ve read all of the books, but I haven’t even seen the first movie! I think I’m going to watch The Hunger Games on netflix and then wait until Catching Fire is available on dvd that way I can skip some parts.

    10. i thought the first one was alright, not great but enough for me to want to see the second. But not on the first day like some people. if I don’t see it in the theaters, its cool… rental.

    11. Im so overly excited!!
      I’ve been counting down for nearly two years now.
      This new director sounds amazing.

      I personally believe the whole purporse of the story killing lots of people is to prove a point that killing people is wrong if that makes sense. X

    12. I feel like the Hunger Games Trilogy shows us something that society is already in danger of. While we make not be physically killing ourselves (right away, at least) it shows the power and influence of those in Government, and how easy it is for them to suppress the people. It shows that horrible things we are ‘forced’ to do to stay alive. In the books, it’s killing others or stealing so you can survive. In real life, it doing drugs, or getting piercings and tattoos to we don’t commit ‘social suicide’. While I don’t like the violence, I think it’s an important lesson for us all to learn.
      Sometimes we have to look at the horrible, gory truth to see where we’re really at.

    13. I’m still on the fence about it. I saw the first movie (without reading any books) and the violence DID make me uneasy. Other than that, I don’t think it’s too bad. I tried reading the books after seeing the first movie but I found the books kind of boring.

    14. I read the books and at the time I was obsessed…but now looking back I want to reread them from the point of view of a Christian not a obsessed teenage girl. About the movies, I want to see them so I can form my own opinion.

    15. The Hunger Games is one of my favorite book series. I enjoyed the first movie and plan to see the others as well. I think it’s a very interesting work of literature. Yes the violence is shocking (as it should be) but it is not promoting violence.
      Through the eyes of Katnis (the main character)you can see why violence is bad. I think our culture today does sometimes glorify violence — much like how the “Capital” in the story does. But the characters (Katnis and Peeta in particular) do not let their society define who they are and they refuse to play by the Capital’s (government’s) cruel rules.
      The Hunger Games is more a story of sacrifice and survival than one of violence.

    16. I definitely support HG. It would be one thing if Katniss loved the violence, but she realizes it’s wrong. She just needs to protect herself. Like a soldier. I think it’s completely appropriate

    17. I love Hunger Games. I connect with Katniss for how she’s so protective of her sister, and how she has to protect her mother in a way too. Yes, there was some violence, but it’s the Hunger Games, and they wanted to stay true to the book. I can’t wait for Catching Fire!!!

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