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Woman in the Spotlight: Julie Ann Crommett

Hi PI Girls! I get a lot of questions about career advice, and I figured who better to ask than some of the successful women in my life I know. And when I use the term “successful,” I’m not just talking about money—I’m talking about overall fulfillment in a career. I will be highlighting different women of all different backgrounds, with various careers and aspirations. I’m hoping by doing this, you can take away their useful advice and apply it to your own life! God bless! Nicole


Woman in the Spotlight: Julie Ann Crommett


Q: What was your original career aspiration?

A: Actress. I wanted to win an Oscar, and absolutely loved the theatre.


Q: Are you currently working in that field? Why or why not?

A: I am in a way…. I discovered that being behind the scenes had a special set of rewards and excitement. I loved to entertain people, but the mathematical part of my brain wanted to be in charge and organize. In that, I found producing and have transformed my lifelong passion for advocacy and equal rights into my career spanning the tech and media worlds. My biggest lesson in all this is you don’t have to choose. “Yes, math and yes, art.” They go hand in hand, especially in today’s world.


Q: What would your best advice be to an 18-year-old who is looking to be a successful working woman?

A: Have fun. Be friendly and always know that you have value. Read a lot. Talk to as many women and men as you can in the industry you love. Think of what other people are NOT doing and do that.


Q: What cause are you passionate about?

A: Inclusion and on-screen representations. If we don’t reflect who we are on screen, we continue to perpetuate stereotypes and exclude others off screen. That has a lasting impact across sectors including education, business, law, politics, medicine, etc. If we truly want to be ready for the future we’re building, we need to include everyone in the conversation. Period. The end.


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