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Workout Inspiration: Focusing on Health Rather Than Our Jeans Size!


Who’s ready for summer? I can tell you I definitely am! But I have to be honest: I still haven’t gotten used to the Tennessee heat. Growing up in Northern California spoiled me, so now when it gets over 85 degrees, I basically start crying! I’m working on it, though, I promise!

I feel like most of the time when we talk about summer, we immediately think of the beach, pool parties and bathing suits…and then our inner girl starts freaking out. Bathing suits?!? I am SO not ready for that. Get me back to the good ol’ winter days when I can bundle up and basically wear blankets around all day! But before we all start having a girl moment and freaking out, let’s take a few seconds to take a deep breath together. Awesome. Are you good now? Me too.

Here’s the deal: I don’t want to talk about weight, getting skinny and trying to look fab in that bathing suit of yours. Those articles just end up making me feel worse about myself, which is definitely not what I want for you! Instead, I want to take a moment to encourage you and provide some tips on how to stay healthy and feel good about yourself this summer!

First off, has anyone told you today that you’re beautiful? If not, let me be the first! YOU are beautiful. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. There is no one like you on this earth; you are unique and one-of-a-kind. Stop comparing that unique body of yours to others, because trust me, it leads to nothing good. I get it—I’m a girl and I totally struggle with that from time to time. But let’s work on not making that our weakness and insecurity. Let’s embrace who we are and how we are made, and see the beauty in that!

Okay, I’m stepping off my soapbox now. Below are some fun activities to keep you active, healthy and happy this summer!

  1. Go for a hike or a walk around your neighborhood (or the beach!) with a best friend. This is one of my absolute favorite activities! You get to experience the beautiful nature around you, and you’re multitasking by socializing AND working out at the same time!
  1. Swim laps at your local pool (or your own pool if you’re a lucky duck and have one!). Even if you aren’t a swimmer, I promise that you can swim some laps! What’s not to love about getting some exercise while you’re working on that summer tan?
  1. Sign up for a Pilates, yoga or Pure Barre class. Sometimes, doing something different helps keep the task of working out a bit more fun and exciting!

These are just a few ideas for you ladies! Because I know you’re all creative, I’m confident you will come up with even more ideas to stay healthy and active this summer.

Post some ideas below so we can add to the list together!

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Image: Lightstock | Prixel Creative


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