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World Suicide Prevention Day, A Special Message To You

Hi there,

My name is Aaron Watkins. I’m from Greeley, Colorado and I am the lead singer of the band Random Hero. I’m a husband, father, son and a suicide survivor. I lost my Dad to a suicide attempt in November of 2002.

My Dad was a raging alcoholic, highly abusive, mentally and physically. He was in and out of jail and prison multiple times, which made home life a living nightmare. But, when he was sober, he was the man I wanted to be; a talented musician, loving and caring. He was everything a dad to me needed to be. Losing my Dad left me angry and broken. I felt like no one could understand the pain I felt inside which lead me to make choices that destroyed my relationships and pushed my family away and I questioned God.

I wanted to share a little of my story with you to tell you that, my faith was the one thing that saved me from going down a dark dark path. I may have questioned God but in the end I knew He was real, that lead me to people that I knew loved me and in the end allowed me to heal.

I want you to know that no matter how depressed, suicidal, angry, bullied, broken, addicted, abused and beaten down you are, you are so loved by the people that surround you. Even more so by Jesus, He loves you more than you know. Because, in His eyes you are a masterpiece, perfectly and wonderfully made down to the smallest detail. So if you’re looking for hope start by looking up and know you are not alone in this fight.   

Check out Aaron’s POWERFUL new song featuring former Superchik member Brandon Estelle. This song as Aaron describes it is a song of hope. It’s a song sung to you and I through God’s eyes. We hope this song encourages you and empowers you to reach out if you’re struggling. You’re NOT ALONE in this.

Hear more about Aaron in his incredible testimony here:

Aaron Watkins Story from Reverb on Vimeo.

Suicide is not a joking matter, and if you’re struggling with thoughts of suicide, please get help right away. You can call My Broken Palace at 1-800-394-4673. If not us, please use other options in your community, which include:

  • The suicide prevention hotline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
  • An emergency room
  • A psychiatric hospital and/or walk-in clinic
  • An urgent-care or immediate-care facility
  • 911

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