You Are Far Above Rubies by Project Inspired Fan, Paris!

    From Nicole: This is an important message from Project Inspired fan, Paris, to remind yourself how incredibly precious you are and why you should wait until marriage to have sex!

    I know that there are many girls that are so desperate for a man, they resort to things that severely damage their heart, mind, soul and the beautiful body that God gave them. They are  so desperate for a boyfriend, they will do ANYTHING for one, even if they end up emotionally, verbally and physically abused.

    Many times they resort to having sex even if they don’t want to, just to keep their man happy. They are in relationship after relationship (or what they think is a relationship), which many times is no more than a ‘hookup.’ Many girls have sex with many men so they feel good inside, to cover up the pain and insecurity of their real feelings. However, the devastating part is this good feeling is fleeting and doesn’t last long. At the end of the day, after they have sex with these boys, they feel worthless and the pain always comes back. They put themselves through this because Satan is telling them that they can’t survive without a boy and that a man is the only one who will ever love them and make them happy.

    As daughters of The King, we are his Princesses and he wants the absolute best for us, which means remaining pure and holy and waiting for the right man to have sex with only once we are married and bonded to him. I know that a lot of us feel the need to have sex with lots of men to keep away the pain and feel loved. Jesus wants you to know this: If you ask for forgiveness (and you mean it), he WILL forgive you. But remember — asking for forgiveness and then doing it again (because you know he will forgive you) is taking advantage of Him and his grace and mercy.

    “For I will be merciful to their unrighteousness, and their sins and their iniquities will I remember no more.” (Hebrews 8:12)

    We don’t need to have sex with lots of men to take away the pain and make us happy and loved. He will ALWAYS love you more than any man ever could. He is the ONLY ONE who can ease your pain. When you feel the way I describe in this post, remember this: Jesus will send you a wonderful man when He is finished preparing you, so be patient.

    He will not send you one if you are not prepared. The man that He will send you is the one He prepared for you. You will know when He has sent you a wonderful man. This man will be an absolutely amazing man of God, and will love you so very much! He will be wonderful because God says we are wonderful.

    I will praise thee; for I am fearfully [and] wonderfully made: marvelous [are] thy works; and my soul knoweth right well.” (Psalm 139:14)

    ALL OF THESE MEN WHO HAVE SEX WITH YOU DO NOT LOVE YOU! THEY ONLY WANTED ONE THING. Don’t destroy your heart, mind, soul, self-esteem and the beautiful body that God gave you by having sex with lots of men because you are worth so much more than this! You are precious, sacred and drop dead gorgeous in God’s eyes. You are far above rubies! Just know, while you are reading this, your one true love, the perfect man is out there right now that God has held for you- so don’t give your body around to strangers, who ultimately won’t appreciate it! I promise it will be one of the best decisions to hold out for.

    “He who finds a wife finds a wonderful thing
; and obtains favor from the Lord.” Proverbs 18:22

    “Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.” Proverbs 31:10

    Mercy Me: Beautiful

    Jonny Diaz: More Beautiful You

    Tenth Avenue North: You Are More

    JJ Heller: What Love Really Means

    Please stand out from the other girls and don’t have sex with just anyone until you’re married (like they expect you to!!). I’m praying for all of you. God Bless!  🙂 -Nicole

    Will you wait to have sex until you're married?

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    Paris Holt
    Paris Holt is a gifted girl who loves to read, play the flute and piccolo, and work with babies and toddlers - she's always loved children! Above all, she is a true believer in the power of being saved and has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. One of her favorite verses is 1 Peter 3:3-4: "Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes. Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God's sight." Paris feels this verse is very important because many girls think that they have to dress revealingly and have the attention of many men in order to feel loved. She wants girls everywhere to know that they are MUCH more than this. Paris is from St. Louis, Mo.


    1. Hey! Another really good song for this catagory is by Group 1 Crew called Beautiful. It is such a good song and really helps you to feel like you are important! I heard it on the Revolve Tour and it was amazing!! <3

    2. Hi Nicole! I’ve recently come across this website, and let me tell you-I’ve been immensely blessed by your in-depth and godly articles and wisdom. This article specifically has touched my heart greatly,simply because the Lord placed in my heart a desire to stay pure until marriage. It’s tough, especially in our sex-ridden culture… however, Jesus promises to hold our hand and give us the strength to carry on. Once again, I thank you Nicole for this amazing word. May God continue using you and blessing you! 🙂

    3. The Choices that I’ve made:

      I had sex with many partners before I got married.
      I began looking at pornography when I was 13 or 14.
      I bragged about my sexual experiences to my little sisters instead of warning and shielding them.
      I cheated on boyfriends.
      I got involved in witchcraft.
      My dad didn’t really speak to me for 5 years and I hated him for that for a long time.

      Those are the big ones…I hurt and help destroy many lives, including my own, that is the sum of my past mistakes.

      That was my life when I didn’t know who I was. That was before I knew that I am:

      The daughter of the King of kings.
      Created with purpose.
      Dearly loved.
      The final touch of creation.
      God’s betrothed, His one and only.

      Now, I am more. I am called to fulfill God’s purpose for my life. To be a youth pastor. To remember the mess my life was in so that I remember not to judge others. To love others who so desperately need the love that I was missing all those years. To walk hand in hand with Jesus Christ.

      Each one of you is more than the sum of any and all mistakes you have made. Each of you is made to do amazing and important things for God. Never forget that!


    4. To be honest, I’ve been single for about 2 years, waiting for the right man. The temptation for a cuddle buddy and sex is great but I always tell myself, A short time of pain (lots of cold showers)for a life time of pleasure is a 100xs better than a short amount of pleasure that leads to years of hurt.

      • Hey Kanet- thank you so much for sharing this with us, I know it can be so hard sometimes too- but just stay strong, continue praying, and the Lord will give you your perfect man and he will be so happy you waited!

    5. I want to be an actress… I look up to you Nicole and see that you made it in the world of fashion and modeling. How did you do that without loosing God in your heart. I feel like the only choice is to eaither loose him and become what i love to do – act – or forget about waht i want and become a youth pastor.

      • Hey girl- the truth is, I did completely forget about God when I was trying to become an actress, and during my modeling years. I was involved in partying, hanging out with the wrong crowd, and getting into trouble in Hollywood. Once you’re in that industry, the devil has a way to sneak up on you and tell you that you’re not good enough, pretty enough, talented enough, that you should sleep with this man or that man, it’s bad. It’s only when I got pulled out of there and I fell into a deep depression because I knew that wasn’t the life I was meant to lead. Continue praying to God earnestly, and He will show you which path you should take. IN my opinion, I think you should become a youth pastor, so you can help so many people!

    6. another great song is Wait by Rebecca St. James. she has really inspired me, and its so great to see her actually live the things she believes instead of just saying them. she recently got married, and it was so sweet to see her and her husband who also waited. they both wore purity rings, and exchanged them at the ceremony which was the sweetest thing ever 🙂

    7. Not to be judgmental, but for the people who voted no on the poll…is this the right site for you? Nicole’s (and the other’s) is obviously not getting thru. I pray for you, whoever you are.
      And another good song is Dismissed by ZOEgirl

    8. @pixy i think that just because people voted “no” in the poll doesn’t mean that this isn’t the site for them! i think anyone should be welcomed here, no matter who they are or what choices they’ve made

    9. Don’t let guys – no, not just guys – don’t let ANYONE brainwash you into thinking “You need me,” “you can’t live without me,” etc. That is a forced type of love, and not only is it harmful to earthly progress, but completely destroys a person’s sense of individuality and gratitude. How can I be grateful to a person who has forced me to love them? Only from what they’ve taught me to avoid in relationships. Nothing more!

    10. Thanks Nicole, I love this article! At church, we had an activity to help us stay pure. All the girls that are 14 and over decided to make a list of some of the qualities that we want in a future spouse that we would want to be fully in love and have that love reciprocated. As I thought about it more in depth, I realized that I wanted to be pure for the image in my mind. I know that if I remain true to myself and the Lord, than he will lead my perfect guy to me when the time is right:)

    11. This was such a great article. I loved the songs and the words of encouragement and wisdom seriously blessed me. I have already planned to wait for marriage and articles like this are great to support my decision and remind me of the promise I made to myself, to God, and to my future husband. Oh and another great song (its a fun one too!) is by Group One Crew it’s called Wait, the lyrics a amazing


    12. “boys are bad; that’s certainly not true.
      Cuz God’s preparing one for you.
      If you get tired of waiting till he comes,
      God’s arms are the perfect place to run”
      “No more dating, I’m just waiting,
      Cuz God is writing my love story”
      Average Girl by BarlowGirl
      BEAUTIFUL song 😀 it’s like my life motto haha

    13. Thanks for this article. I’m going to wait for marriage and that’s a fact! My sister’s said they would, and they didn’t. And although I love them, I DON’T want to be like them in that sense. I want my life on God’s terms, NOT my own desires.

    14. My name(Katherine) means pure…so I always want to stay pure and I promised myself that I would never have s*x until I find the right man and marry him. Thanks so much for this great article!♥

    15. It is so hard to wait… but so worth it. YOU ARE WORTH WAITING FOR. 🙂

      Great verses, vids, and credit to your fan who wrote this. Beautiful. It makes me happy to find this article on the internet. F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!

    16. I heard all of those songs except the mercy me and have all of them as well. They defiantly go great with this message. I’m so happy that Project Inspired wrote about this because it’s defiantly a situation that girls who are not in the church and who are the church is facing today. I am a virgin and I’m proud of it, but in this world, being a virgin is “uncool”. I hope that a lot of girls read this message, even if your a virgin. So that way you can tell your friends and acquaintance the importance of not having sex before marriage.

      • Sarah- it IS cool to be a virgin, because you are pure, and are waiting for your husband before you have sex! You’re not just giving it up to any guy who looks your way and says “I love you” when they don’t even know what real love is. Stay strong and you will be rewarded!

    17. I have a friend like this and I have tried everything to show her that she doesn’t need a guy to be viewed as pretty or smart, or anything. Growing up, her and I were both labeled as the “good girls”, the ones who never curse, drink, ect. But now she has turned away from God and claims “I’m not the good girl everyone thinks I am”. I’m not sure if she has had sex with her boyfriend, but he is very abusive verbally, physically, and emotionally. I don’t know what to do, i’ve tried everything.

      • Casey- have a sit down with her and ask why she’s rebelling against what her parents want and what God wants for her. Often times she’s angry about something deep down. And the fact that her loser boyfriend is being abusive, will make her more sad/angry. Tell her it’s better for her to be single than let herself be treated like dirt! Does she think she’s worth nothing? Will you please tell her about Project Inspired, and pray for her and tell her God has something bigger in store for her, she just needs to listen. I can talk to her if you want!

    18. This was truly a wonderful and encouraging post, thanks for sharing!! I just found out one of my friends have been having sex with several guys for quite some time, and this post will and is help me to understand how to help her more. again, thanks for sharing!!

    19. Proverbs 4:23 is great ‘Above all else guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.’ It has encouraged me so much, and kept me accountable. Another good song is ‘Just the way you are’ by Bruno Mars, it isn’t Christian but it has helped me.

      • You don’t have to be sexy to be loved,and sadly a lot of girls don’t know that. God would not send us someone who’s just attracted to our looks. “The Man” God will send us will love us for what’s on the inside and the outside.

    20. I’ve Always Said That I Would WAIT Until Marriage To Have Sex . And I Will Stick To My Plan No Matter What . 2 Of My Sisters Said The Same Thing But Didn’t Stick To Their Plan . They Fell In Love And Gave It Up . My Last Relationship Which Was 2 Years Ago Ended Because I Didn’t Want To Have Sex . He Said He Respected That But Still Tried To Get Some It Wasn’t Happening So He Ended It . Which Was Perfectly Fine By Me . I Respect Myself And My Decisions And Will NOT Compromise For Anyone . !!!

    21. This is truly a great article! God only wants the best for his children, but unfortunately some girls in this day and age don’t understand that. Nicole, I have been with my boyfriend for eight months now and I was wondering if you had any fun date ideas? Also, he has come to me with questions about Jesus(he is agnostic but says he wishes to seek God) is there any bible verses you can share with me that would help me get started with teaching him about God’s love? Thank you in advance because you are my role model! Keep up the great work and God Bless <3

    22. Most of my friends have had many girlfriends/boyfriends and they constantly engage in oral sex (makiing out). It sort of sickens me a little. My friend told me that’s what boyfriends and girlfriends do. I really want to explain to him that’s not the case. Anyway, I admit I have had a couple of lust thoughts but I’m praying to God and they are subsiding slowly. 🙂

    23. I’ve already lost it and, well, honestly, I didn’t do it because I wanted to be more grown up or because I thought he wouldn’t love me if I didn’t or because I thought it would prove I’m beautiful. It was my decision and it was something I wanted. I don’t regret it, not for a second.

    24. The song you are more is a song that is so close to my heart 🙂 Some how God made it possible for me to hear it at a time when i strayed and didnt know any better and was going through some hard time, i can saw that if you really listen to the song it exactly describes how i felt and what i went though …. actually the the one major thing i was going through appears in big words in the video and thats OCD (right when i saw that you just know i break out in tears) …. i felt like this song was a real mark of a turning point for me and today i can say I am Healed through his grace 🙂 Just thought i’d share that 🙂 Oh, and no matter what your going through never declare it as your because if you lean on God he will make it all come to past 🙂
      May God Bless You All ! !

    25. I know this is an old article, but I really like it. As far as artists that sing about this topic, I really like Jamie Grace, Moriah Peters and the band called For King and Country. They have the loveliest songs!

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