You Don’t Have to Be Perfect to Set the World on Fire for God! By PI Girl, Abby

    Have you ever felt like you aren’t worth anything? Like you have absolutely nothing to contribute? Or maybe you feel that some of your friends are perfect and you aren’t?

    Many teens feel like this. They think they aren’t good; that they are a mistake. The bad news is that we will never be perfect. We will always fall short of perfection. God made us sinners, and we try to be someone we are not and will never be.

    I have recently dealt with this. I have felt I’m not needed and not cared about. I have felt that I got the leftover smarts, looks and even humor. Most of my friends are beautiful, brilliant and totally fun to hang around. They always talk about how I’m fine, and I always think they are trying to be nice and help me feel better. Sometimes, I even didn’t see the point in living.

    Every time one of the thoughts crossed my mind, though, another would counteract. It would tell me that I was loved. It helped me to realize that those negative thoughts are pointless. Then the voice reminded me who it was. It was God!

    Now, I have great news for those of you who think you aren’t one of a kind. God thinks you are beautiful just the way you are. He even said that you are wonderfully made, and He doesn’t lie. Jesus is the only one who could ever be perfect, so don’t try to be. By trying to be perfect, you are saying that you don’t need Jesus. Do you really want to reject the Creator and Savior?

    There could never be a more beautiful you
    Don’t buy the lies, disguises and hoops, they make you jump through
    You were made to fill a purpose that only you could do
    So there could never be a more beautiful you (Jonny Diaz).

    God will love you whether or not you are perfect; He made you that way. In fact, He could be giving you these trials to make you a better person. So stop trying to be a perfect person and aim to be a Godly one, and just maybe you will have time to set the world on fire for Him.

    Written by PI Girl, Abby


    1. I couldn’t help but tearing up while reading this. This is the same exact position that I’m in right now. I have actually decided to dedicate the month of October to God to find answers. I really thank God for this. I just have one question though. I’ve always wondered why God made some people so close to perfection: beautiful by cultural standards, extremely smart and on top of that, you can’t hate them because they’re so sweet. Then he makes ones like me who never seem to do anything right, are so not even close to beautiful by cultural standards and not as smart. I really don’t understand why God does that, and I always feel insecure around those girls, because I feel like they’re so much better. And maybe they are better, cuz I definitely can’t compare to them. Does God have preferences or bias’?

      • Hey! 😉
        God chose little (runt-like) David out of all his older, cooler and more muscular brothers. David’s own dad didn’t even bother mentioning he had another son at first because he thought David would never be chosen by God. But God said right there that man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart. (So God chose David! He became king and an ancestor of Jesus Christ through Joseph!) Plus, remember that when we die, the Bible says we will all have a new body in heaven. God told me something one time. I believe it goes to all Christians. He said, “I think you are beautiful and precious in My Sight.” (I heard these words loudly over my thoughts. I felt the words too. It was awesome.) The whole world may think otherwise….but God thinks you are beautiful and precious and you’re His. I also found out something similar is in the Bible. Check out Isaiah 43:4 AMP or NIV version. 😉

      • I understand how you feel. Sometimes there are just these people that are so perfect, but nothing could be further from the truth. We don’t know their private lives. For all we know they may be struggling with family, addiction, abuse, etc. We have the light of God in us and I think that instead of feeling jealous or insecure, we should feel awesome instead since we have the Light in us and we can share it to them. Then you’ll both be beautiful people inside and out! I used to compare myself to my friend who seems to look so beautiful all the time. She didn’t have to try. She was skinny, known by many, and it seemed like she had no problems in life while I did. I poured my heart out to her and I told her how I kept comparing myself to her. She said that I shouldn’t be doing that and that I am perfect the way I am. From then on, I haven’t found myself comparing myself with her. Sometimes I get the occasional thoughts, but I remind myself of how destructive it is. Sometimes it is also good to talk to that person you feel insecure towards. Also, we might not know it, but there are people out there that want what we have. You might think “Me? What would people be jealous about me for?” Well, actually, a lot! We don’t know it but some people want our great personality, our ability to look beyond the negative, the ability to be honest, our smile, great looking hair, etc. So don’t put yourself down. God does not favour one person over another. He doesn’t have favorites. He loves us all the same and He made us the way we are because He knows we are perfect that way. We learn from each other as well. I used to be the kind of person that thought only beautiful girls could get the guys. I wasn’t one of them. Until my high school years did I learn and realize that looks and skills aren’t everything. I’ve got a boy who loves me deeply for who I am. He’s the greatest guy best friend I’ve ever had and he made me see the beauty inside me. There are girls in my school that you think would have no chance with a boy, but no. Their personality captured the boys. Beauty and skills only last so long. Invest in your relationship with God and you WILL feel beautiful inside and out. I know I do!

    2. I read the title and.i imediately clicked it. I’ve struggled with this feeling for awhile now and i never know what to do. I’m not considered one of the cool kids like most of my friends, ive been praying and i have felt peace and comfort through him and with the support of my parents.Ther are days when i feel confident and then there are days when i look in the mirror and cry. If you can please pray for me.

    3. Thanks for this Article, I deal with this sometimes , I feel as though I’m not worth of anything because people are smarter than me and stuff, sometimes I try to be perfect then i sin and I get mad at myself for sinning. I have a problem with comparing to my other christian friends and thinking that they are a perfect christian and I’m not, Sometimes i feel so far away from God like He doesn’t answer my prayers and stuff.

      • I feel like that exactly many times too. I look around and all other Christians seem so happy and like they have it all together. But….I don’t have it all together and normally I’m not happy. :/ I do have major insecurity issues…and God has seemed distant lately….but He will give me signs and encourage me every once in a while. Ask Him for encouragement. Also ask Him what He thinks of you. I asked Him one time….and He answered! It was awesome. 😉 God is with you and He loves you. He is my only best friend, but He’s always there for me.

        • Jesus is my only best friend too! Sometimes i feel insecure because even though i have “friends”, they are nothing like i feel everyone else has. Those close “sister” kind of friends that do everything with you and you can tell everything too. But when ever i remind myself that God will put an incredible friend in my life when he wants to, and that in the meantime He is here with me, it makes me feel a little bit less lonely!:)

        • I have that SAMEEE problem! I’m like extremely insecure and quiet. but I do have friends. I have few friends but they are good friends

    4. hey Drgcutie8, i have to say i have wondered the same thing myself why did God make other people look so perfect/ or why do they sound or seem more perfect than me? well that is a game that i have learned was and is called the the comparison game. and that’s a game that God does not want his beloved children to play. because he made everyone unique and special. you have a purpose and talents, maybe God hasn’t showed them to you yet but he will. plus if it makes you feel any better, most of the reason why i have thought this at times was because i can’t see what they think or what they go through 100% of the time. hope that this has helped and may God bless you as you journey toward your eternal home,

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