You Don’t Want to Be Famous. Really.

    There are so many talented and rich people out there, but there’s no need to get jealous of them! Here are some reasons why:

    You are who YOU are  – and that’s great! I’m sure it would be cool to be like the popular girl, pop star or whoever you admire. But the thing is, that’s not who you are! If you were like them, then you wouldn’t be you! Just be yourself, whether you’re considered dorky, nerdy or weird. You won’t be happy pretending to be someone you’re not.

    God has plans for you! I read somewhere that people usually want to be used in big ways but aren’t willing to be used in small ways. Let’s say (theoretically) that you’re jealous of Nicole. You want to lead something like Project Inspired or be a model. This may not be God’s plan for you (or maybe not until the future). That is God’s plan for Nicole. However, He also has a plan for YOU.

    Nicole doesn’t want you to be jealous of fame and neither does God. Your plan may be doing the little things. How can God trust you with the big things if you’re unwilling to do the little things? God has a plan for everyone, and though this is a common phrase in the Christian society, just truly think about it. If God sees all sins as the same, perhaps He sees all good works as the same. Let God use you!

    They’re not perfect, either. Celebrities have got it all, right? Well…is that why some are known for going to rehab? Why do they punch paparazzi in frustration? The thing is – nobody has a perfect life no matter how it looks on the outside. In fact, a study shows that the less you have, the happier you are. Christians aren’t supposed to focus on the worldly stuff. When you get to heaven, you don’t take earthly treasures with you. No one will ever have the perfect life, so enjoy the one you have.

    Focus on what truly matters. When you look back at your life, what do you see? I can tell you personally from being the “smart kid” in school that awards or compliments don’t matter in the long run. It’s your relationships that do and spending time with your friends and family. God created humans to be social and have REAL friendships — not the shallow kind where people are ‘friends’ with you just because you’re popular or whatever. What really matters is what God thinks, and He thinks He created you wonderfully.

    Jealousy only holds you back. Why do you wish you were someone else? You’re only wasting your own time and not focusing on what you have. It’s not the other person’s fault they’re who you think you want to be. In fact, (we had a sermon about this at church) when you’re jealous, you’re really saying you have a problem with God and what He gave you. Didn’t He give you more than enough and yet still continues to give? Let go of jealousy. Nothing good comes out of it. Ironically, the less you think about yourself, the happier you are. When you are always focusing on yourself, you will never be completely content. However, helping others is satisfying.

    “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” — Psalms 139:14

    Here are some tips for dealing with jealousy:

    Count your blessings. I’m sure you heard this before, but it really does help! Remember your situation could have been much worse and that God has already blessed you so much and continues to do so!

    Joke about it. Joking about your situation lightens up the mood and makes you happier. It also gives the message that you don’t really care and you’ll eventually believe it yourself.

    Pray about it. God wants to help you, so talk to Him about it and let Him guide you. Praying makes everything better!

    Tell your friend about it. When you tell somebody about your jealousy problem, it makes it seem less big and important.  A friend can be counted on to remind you of your true value!

    Written by PI reader, Amataverna.


    1. What if you want to be famous because you see a lack of good role models, or just want to use your talent out in the open for God? Is it o.k. to want to use your talent and get famous, but don’t bother about what comes with the job? ( Btw, I see what celebrities get from fans,paparazzi,etc. I don’t think I have a jealousy problem, I am just wondering ) Thank you for this article; it made me think a lot!!

    2. Thank you! How to not be famous is always on my mind because of my chosen career (I’m hoping to become a stage actress). It’s nice to be known for your talent, but do you really want people to scream your name every time you walk outside in your pjs to get the mail? Awesome article 🙂

    3. I really needed this today. I do feel jealous sometimes, but try to make myself not to. Sometimes it feels like I’m always in the shadow. Now I have real motivation to make myself feel better. Thanks for posting this!!!

    4. wow! like this! i admit that i can get jealous easily. working on that though. 🙂 and i agree that we should be willing to do the little things in life. besides, a “little” thing may impact someone’s life in a big way.

    5. I have seen a couple ads that say something like “be a Disney star!” I clicked out of the ad and I thought” “why do I want to be a Disney star? So I can just end up like Miley or Demi Lovato?”

      Anyway, I got a good idea for a Part 2 for this article: “Celebreties: What you have that they don’t have!” You could talk about how we can have private lives and go to Starbucks without worrying about paparazzi or someone killing us (I’m reffering to people who have to go places with a bodyguard or send someone else to get their coffee because of their fame.) Anyway, I’m actually kind of happy I’m not rich or famous. Happiness simply is something that can’t be purchased at any mall. Everyone who sings or raps about money, they always rap about having more and more because they’re never satesfied with what they had. And…That’s just me. And even the Bible. 😀

      • For the record, even though I’m not a fan of Miley Cyrus, I really respect Demi Lovato. I think she’s an amazing roll model. In fact, I have so much respect for her that I want to, one day, record a song with her. She and Taylor Swift are my favorite singers. They inspire me every day through their music to keep trying to be who I am, and not who somebody else wants me to be. Not like I’d ever become famous enough to meet them though. But still. You can diss Miley, but please don’t diss Demi. Kays? Kays. (:

        • I dont think thats fair, nor do i think it was a diss. all she said was “i dont want to end up like them”. Demi did have issues with eating disorders, and cutting, and no girl should want to end up like that, and that was because of her fame. so she had every right to say that

    6. While reading this, I was thinking the same thing as Lindsey.

      What if God has called you to be famous. To be a rare occurance in Hollywood–a good role model. God gives each of us a talent that we are to use for Him alone, from the seemingly smallest things to what the world sees as “big” and “important”. Hollywood is controled by the occult, I have no doubt. But somewhere in the midst of the Illuminati, God will place a ray of light to which the people will take notice.

    7. What about if you are a popular girl?.. Can you make a article about the feelings we go through, I am trying to change myself for the better and become a good and real christian. But I feel like I cant trust anyone at school people judge me and talk behind my back. And I have no “true” friends,Umm yeah. Can you?!<3

    8. What about if you are a popular girl?.. Can you make a article about the feelings we go through, I am trying to change myself for the better and become a good and real christian. But I feel like I cant trust anyone at school people judge me and talk behind my back. And I have no “true” friends,Umm yeah. Can you?!<3 /:

    9. I know I don’t want to be famous, but I’m looking t a life of possible fame in relativity…if my books take off, and if I stay with my current boyfriend and his career goes the way it’s been going…but hey, he’s more important than hiding from his fans and following God is more important than hiding my talents.

    10. Relating to Lindsey: I have an acting talent but I absolutely DO NOT want to give in to society; I’ve seen how it affects and drags celebrities down. Hollywood is The Devil’s Playground. Then again, I would like an acting career. I feel like this website helps me understand and it guides me to further stable my faithfulness to myself and God. 🙂

    11. If I become famous while the COSMO fight is going on, I will be sure to mention it A LOT! I won’t loose sight of God and I will fight to bag COSMO in a way unlike I can now 🙁 Boy, that makes me feel helpless. lol! But that’s a 1-1,000,000 chance because I’m kinda….. talentless. haha at least I can joke about that. 😀

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