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You Just May Be Singing This New Justin Bieber Song in Church Soon…

Bieber just dropped his new album Purpose on us this morning, and we admit, we were pretty pumped. With radio hits “What Do You Mean” and “Sorry,” we were anxious to dig into what else he has come up with.

Back story: We’ve talked about it here and here. Bieber has seemed to turn over a new leaf in his life. He’s attending church regularly in Los Angeles and New York. He’s taking reporters to church and speaking TRUTH. So this morning we heard the title track, “Purpose,” and we have to say, this is money. This is chills to the tenth degree.

“Feeling like I’m breathing my last breath
Feeling like I’m walking my last steps
Look at all of these tears I’ve wept
Look at all the promises that I’ve kept

I put my heart into your hands
Here’s my soul to keep
I let you in with all that I can
You’re not hard to reach
And you bless me with the best gift
That I’ve ever known
You give me purpose
Yeah, you’ve given me purpose

Thinking my journey’s come to an end
Sending out a farewell to my friends, forever peace
Ask you to forgive me for my sins, oh would you please?
I’m more than grateful for the time we spent, my spirit’s at ease

I put my heart into your hands
Learn the lessons you teach
No matter what, wherever I am
You’re not hard to reach
And you’ve given me the best gift
That I’ve ever known
You give me purpose everyday
You give me purpose in every way

Oh, you are my everything…
Oh, you are my everything…

I don’t know if this is wrong
Because someone else is telling me that it’s wrong
But I feel this so let me just like, try my best not to let this happen again
We weren’t necessarily put in the best position to make the best decisions.

You can’t be hard on yourself
For these were the cards that you were given so you have to understand that these, like…
That’s not who you are
You’re trying to be the best you can be but that’s all you can do
If you don’t give it all you got, you’re only cheating yourself
Give it all you got
But if it ends up happening, it ends up happening.

That’s what it’s….that’s what’s happening with me
It’s like God I’m giving it all I got, sometimes
I’m weak and I’m gonna do it, and it’s like I’m not giving myself grace
I’m just like understanding, that’s just how it is.”

Whoa. Attention, worship leaders, get on this ASAP….

Listen to “Purpose” here:

Image: Mirror UK


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  1. Project Inspired

    Posted by Marie_Azzy on January 9, 2016 at 23:22

    A new leave for him i pray…AMEN

  2. Project Inspired

    Posted by bree22 on December 31, 2015 at 08:27

    This reminds me of Paul ….he was once a threat to every Christian and then God changed his heart and became one of the greatest Christian in the new testament…. That’s how I see it

  3. Project Inspired

    Posted by Cherotuga on December 14, 2015 at 05:44

    I think as Christians we are to quick to jump to the conclusion that anyone in Hollywood is Christian when they say anything remotely Godrelated. Hopefully he wont disappoint us and turn back to the world

  4. Evenstar15

    Posted by Evenstar15 on December 10, 2015 at 11:14

    I don’t really care for him either but if his new message can impact others and is the true gospel then I will not judge him. I encourage him.

  5. Jesusfreak1415

    Posted by Jesusfreak1415 on November 19, 2015 at 11:05

    I’ve never been a huge fan of Justin Bieber. Partially just because I’ve never been into practically worshiping artists. I listen to their music if I like it and that’s basically it. But I also didn’t agree with his actions and message. However lately I have come to see him in a different light. While some people would say that he’s not a Christian, I would have to disagree. Although he still doesn’t always act like a Christian should, I do believe that something has changed. I don’t know him and don’t know the true story of all that he’s been through in his life. Only him and God know that. But I do know that when you are transformed by Christ it is reflected in your life, whether in small ways or completely, God is reflected. Now, he does not reflect God in every area of his life right now but he is reflecting him in certain areas. In the areas that he’s not, I believe are a just areas he is working on with God. It’s like that message that everyone has heard about letting God takeover EVERY area of your life. Everyone has that time in the beginning of your relationship with God where you don’t want to give every area to God. I know I was like that and I still am in some ways. But that is something I’m working on. And when I get over those obstacles I know that God will use those to help me grow in my faith and reflect him more. I believe, from what I have seen in read, that is where Justin is right now. If everyone goes through that in their relationship with Christ at some point then why should Justin be excluded from that and become a figure to judge while he is in that place? And plus, who am I to judge whether he is a Christian or not when I don’t know the whole story? That’s his and God’s thing to work out.
    One way I can tell something is changed has come from his recent album, as mentioned above. I’ve been listening to it all day long and I’ve been able to compare it to his other albums. In his other albums practically every single song is about love and relationships. Well that’s what basically all music is today. But his new album is a different story. While there are some songs about love and relationships there are also many songs talking about life and encouraging messages. Songs like Life is Worth Living, Children, and Purpose. Life is Worth Living talks about basically what the title entails. Life is Worth Living. Children is empowering our generation today to make a difference. And Purpose I believe is talking about his relationship with Christ. Some people argue that Justin is talking about a girl but I truly believe the message is about his transformation in Christ.
    My mom always taught me about this sense that she believes God has given each of us to acknowledge something that doesn’t feel right. Almost like guilt but not really. You know that feeling you get when your listening to a certain song or watching a certain show? The one that makes you think “This just doesn’t feel right.” And the feeling doesn’t go away. It lingers until you eliminate the source. She always taught me to listen to that gut feeling when it comes to discerning music to listen to, books to read, etc… When I listen to Justin’s recent albums I get that feeling and I used to get that vibe just from him in general. Now however, it’s not there. There’s something about him that has changed and I’m not getting that feeling when I watch interviews or listen to his new album like I used to.
    All in all, I know something has changed and, while he’s not perfect (no one is), I’m gonna stop judging and start loving and praying for him. He’s a new Christian and that always comes with struggles and things to get over. He’s a normal person who needs God’s grace just as much as we do. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m praying for him because I was in the place he’s in right now and I wanted more than anything for people to pray for me. You disagree with his actions? Okay, that’s fine. I disagree with them too. But stop condemning him for the place he’s in and start praying for him as he is going through it.

  6. mias

    Posted by mias on November 17, 2015 at 05:02

    I’ve always disliked Justin. I never thought he would become like this. Is this really true? this just doesn’t seem like Justin Bieber.

  7. Project Inspired

    Posted by Tregan7 on November 14, 2015 at 08:42

    Normally I do not participate in online conversations/ disagreements and I usually love PI’s articles, but this one is very disappointing to me.

    Now I don’t know for sure if Justin is a Christian, only God can know his heart, but if you’ve seen some of his recent behavior you know that his actions do not align with scripture. I don’t recommend looking it up but one of his music videos from just three months ago is very inappropriate!! I do realize that we all mess up but I also believe that a Christian who has “turned over a new leaf” would go out of his way to apologize and try to take down the video.

    I don’t fallow him but I have heard of other things he has done recently which quite frankly doesn’t matter. My point in saying all of this is we should never assume someone is a Christian and we should never put someone on a pedestal, instead we should be praying that if Justin doesn’t know the Lord that God would break his heart and bring him to a place of humility and repentance in which then we can rejoice over having a new brother in Christ.

    Now I don’t know the intensions behind the song but to me he sounds like a confused and troubled soul who is just “trying to get by” without fully giving himself to the Lord. Either way we should be praying for his relationship with the Lord and that God would give us discerning minds that don’t blindly fallow the newest “Christian celebrity”.

    I honestly don’t have a problem with the song itself, I might even start listening to it, but I don’t believe it is appropriate for church. Our services have become too much about worshiping ourselves instead of worshiping God. Yes God does give us purpose and this is a beautiful reminder of that but I wish that when we come together as a church it would become less about what God can do for us and more about lifting up His name.

    • Evenstar15

      Posted by Evenstar15 on December 10, 2015 at 11:19

      I totally agree. I think we should pray for him. Might as well include all Hollywood. I pray his new message a hopefully lifestyle will declare Jesus so loud no one can deny it. He is pretty popular. Just not with me m

    • Project Inspired

      Posted by Tregan7 on November 14, 2015 at 08:48

      Side Not: I had forgotten about the part where he says “forgive me of my sins” which is great but doesn’t change the fact that so many people know how to “talk the talk” without truly giving their lives to Christ and “walk the walk”.

  8. EmmaG7

    Posted by EmmaG7 on November 13, 2015 at 12:30

    When I was younger I always hated Justin. Ironic right? I can’t say I’m a belieber because I’m not, but I’m very proud of Justin. He has made many mistakes as we all have. To be truthful the press has probably made him look worse than he is. There are probably many people worse than him that just aren’t fameous. Everytime JB’s name is mentioned around my mom she says “he should be deported” I silently think to myself “he’s a Christian. As a Christian we are called to love one another.” My dad is a pastor. You think of all people she would be supportive. I just don’t say anything. I don’t know what my mom has against him. Like I said I’m proud of him. I’m very happy that he has turned over a new leaf. I knew he was a Christian and I had full confidence that he would find his way back to God. I guess I was right. I believe the same for Katy Perry.