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You’ll Love This Cute Rendition of the Nativity Story!

Ladies, we all know the Nativity story, right? It’s such a beautiful account of how Jesus was born in the most humble of ways, and yet His entrance into the world was held in such amazing reverence. I can never get enough of watching and reading about this joyous day. So, when I found the following clip telling the Nativity story, I wanted to share it with you!

The following is an adorable rendition of the Nativity story, acted out by little kids. It’s an old video, but totally worth watching again and again. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

Ladies, what did you think of this cute rendition of the Nativity story?


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  1. Angel_Lights

    Posted by Angel_Lights on December 23, 2014 at 19:03

    This is so adorable! I wonder how long it took for the kids to do all this?