YOUR 15 Favorite Christmas Songs!

    Earlier this month, we posted a surprise giveaway for you gals that featured you sharing your favorite holiday songs with us. Congratulations again to our winner, taylorgrace! We loved reading about all of your favorite Christmas songs, and thought it might be fun to round up a little holiday playlist with your treasured tunes and some of the reasons why you picked the ones you did. You selected such an amazingly wide variety of songs that it was hard to choose, but we hope you enjoy this little playlist…and Merry Christmas!

    Mandisa – “It’s Christmas”

    Contest winner taylorgrace wrote: “I am super excited about this one! My favorite Christmas song is “It’s Christmas” by Mandisa. First off, I love Mandisa. She has such a great voice! In this song she talks about all the excitement of Christmas: hanging up lights, the gorgeous Christmas trees and the old Christmas movies. But she also says that we should never forget the reason for Christmas, Jesus’s birth. She says, ‘Jesus is the reason for Christmas!’ She also says to spread the love of Jesus around (because people need it!) and to shout his birth from the mountaintops! I love that she tells us that all of the trees, lights and gifts are super fun and not bad, but that we always need to remember the reason for Christmas. After all, none of that would happen without Jesus! I also love this song because it’s super upbeat and fun to listen to. I can’t listen to this song without smiling!”

    Becky Kelly – “Where’s the Line to See Jesus?”

    Willa wrote: “My favorite Christmas song is ‘Where’s the Line to See Jesus?’ by Becky Kelly. I love this song because it shows us some truth. Everyone spends so much time worrying over Santa, Christmas shopping and presents that we forget the true meaning of Christmas: Jesus, the one true light who was born in a manger. Also, this actually happened to me one year; I will never, ever forget this. I was shopping at the mall, and this little girl came up to me said, ‘Where’s the line to see Jesus? The line to see Santa is over there, but where’s the line to see Jesus? I only want to see Him.’ I will never forget that little girl.”

    Kelly Clarkson – “Silent Night”

    fearfullywonderfully says: “This is my favorite holiday song because it really captures the true meaning of Christmas. It talks about how calm everything was when our Savior came to us, and how His coming was a beautiful thing. The song is also so beautiful, and I love how soothing it is. One of my friends even called it the anthem of Christmas, and I agree with her because this song is the perfect song about Christmas.”

    Bing Crosby – “Silver Bells”

    LivingforHim2012 wrote: “I absolutely love ‘Silver Bells.’ It truly reminds us all of the power of the Christmas spirit. The ‘children laughing’ makes me think of the joy that every child (no matter what the age, young or old!) experiences this time of year. ‘Meeting smile after smile’ reminds me of the happiness that is shared the world around. I think that this song makes you think of all of the aspects of Christmas that make it magical, not just the gift part. All in all, this song is so beautiful and really gets me and my family into the Christmas spirit!”

    Josh Groban – “Believe”

    Esther_Chung nominated this song—which we also love!—and wrote: “‘Believe’ may seem a little childish because it’s from the film The Polar Express, but I love it sooo much! Both Josh Groban and Jackie Evancho sang this song gorgeously, and I’m singing this as I perform in different nursing homes, stores, etc., for this season!”

    Amy Grant – “Christmas Lullaby (I Will Lead You Home)”

    ruthie27064Him says: “I love this song because it’s not your standard cookie-cutter (not that there’s anything wrong with those) Christmas song. It’s beautifully sung/played. I love the instrumental especially! It also expresses the Salvation of Christ; it’s a prayer and a promise. ‘Trust Me and follow Me and I will lead you home.’”

    Wham! – “Last Christmas”

    Precioustime22 wrote: “My favorite Christmas song is ‘Last Christmas’ by Wham! Although it does not reference God, it reminds me that although holidays are a lot of fun to spend with family and friends, that’s not always the case for every person. For a lot of people who have lost a loved one or dealt with heartache around the holidays, Christmas and other seemingly enjoyable holidays can be painful. The song reminds me when I’m dealing with sadness around the holidays that there is hope and that things will get better. Maybe if you had a broken heart you can find someone even better that God had in mind all along. The song also reminds me to be kind to everyone, especially around holidays, because we might be shocked that people we know who are usually fine have dealt with sad experiences during this time.”

    Toby Mac – “Christmas This Year”

    nataleeover says: “My favorite Christmas song is ‘Christmas This Year.’ I love it because it gives praise to Jesus, makes me joyful and talks about family. My favorite part is ‘I just can’t help but stop and grin, it’s like I’m 10 years old again.’”

    Relient K – “Angels We Have Heard on High”

    vanilla wrote: “Relient K’s Christmas CD features an upbeat rendition of ‘Angels We Have Heard on High’ that I love. It provides meaningful lyrics that remind me of the sacred beauty of Christmas and is paired with an energetic tune that encourages me to celebrate!”

    Taylor Swift – “Christmas Must Be Something More”

    X_Breaking_Beautifully_X says: “Maybe this is strange, but one of my favorites is by Taylor Swift. Her ‘Christmas Must Be Something More’ is very eye-opening and discusses why Christmas is ‘something holy, not superficial,’ and why it is truly ‘something special,’ a celebration of Christ’s birth and our redemption, symbolically toasting ‘Here’s to the birthday boy who saved our lives.’ Taylor Swift also points out problems our society faces in celebrating Christmas, focusing mainly on gifts as we ‘try to ignore’ its real meaning. ‘Christmas must be something more,’ and it is up to us to recognize the day for what it is. It is an incredibly inspirational and thoughtful song.”

    Trans-Siberian Orchestra – “Carol of the Bells”

    PraisingPrincess said: “My favorite Christmas song has always been ‘Carol of the Bells.’ It is such a classic. I remember listening to it since I was little and always wanted to be in an orchestra to play it myself. I love the blend of classical Christmas music with the rock tempo and style thrown in. It also gets me into the Christmas spirit, even though I do not even know the words beyond the first line. Here is a link of it being performed by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. There are at least hundreds of variations, but I think that the original is great on its own.”

    Faith Hill – “A Baby Changes Everything”

    melaniehope37 wrote: “I love the song ‘A Baby Changes Everything’ by Faith Hill. It’s such a beautiful song from Mary’s perspective on the birth of Jesus. It reminds us that it changed everything for her, being very young, and ultimately Jesus’s birth and sacrifice has changed the world!”

    Clay Aiken – “Mary, Did You Know?”

    ryleesmileygirl wrote: “My favorite Christmas song is ‘Mary, Did You Know?’ I love it because when I was growing up, my dad, sister and I sang it almost every day together during the holiday season! Not only that, but it is a song that really shows what Christmas is really about! Such a great reminder!” xJesusChrist4Lifex added: “I love this song because it’s absolutely wonderful-sounding and because it has special value to me. When I was seven, I participated in a Christmas play at my church, the first time I ever did. I was Mary, and I danced to this song. I love the lyrics and I especially love this video, which incorporates scenes from the Bible miniseries.” vitalinachka says: “I like it because it’s very pretty and it reminds me of the true meaning of Christmas. He was born so we could be saved. Because of him, the blind will see, the deaf will hear, and the dead will live again.”

    Cloverton – “A Hallelujah Christmas”

    Rusty101 said: “My favorite Christmas song is ‘A Hallelujah Christmas’ by Cloverton. I love it because it puts a Christmas twist on one of my favorite songs, ‘Hallelujah.’ This is a beautiful song with an incredible melodic tune that makes me feel incredibly peaceful and grateful. We learned it for choir recently and our choir leader sings it beautifully.”

    Mandisa – “What Child Is This?”

    Marissarulz likes this song because it “worships God, and it’s so peaceful. It focuses on the true meaning of Christmas.” DominiqueNoelle agreed, but listed a different singer: “My favorite holiday song is ‘What Child Is This?’ sung by Josh Groban. It tells the true reason why we celebrate Christmas.”

    PI Girls, what’s your favorite Christmas song? Are you listening to it today?!

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    1. You guys wanna hear something crazy?!?! For my school’s Christmas Concert this year, we sang Mandisa’s ‘It’s Christmas’ and TobyMac’s ‘Christmas This Year’!!!! This was sooo cool to see!!!!

    2. Last year for Christmas, the elementary school in the district I go to sang the Veggie Tales song “I Can’t Believe It’s Christmas” from “The Toy That Saved Christmas” at their Christmas concert. I sat in the back and just sang along. Best concert song ever!

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